Comparing the Google Nexus 9 and the Apple Ipad Air 2

Comparing the Google Nexus 9 and the Apple Ipad Air 2
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The tablet market is getting two new stars this fall, Apple’s Ipad Air 2 and Google’s Nexus 9. Those who are looking to pick up the latest in tablet technology do not have an easy decision ahead of them. Both tablets are sleek, gorgeous devices with impressive lists of features. To make the choice a little easier this article seeks to compare these two tablets in key areas, so you can make an informed decision without feeling a shred of buyer’s remorse.

Physical Attributes At 240mm high by 169.5mm wide, the Air 2 is has a slightly bigger face than the Nexus 9 (228.25mm X 153.68mm). However, the Air 2 is also thinner at 6.1mm, making it the thinnest tablet on the market. The Nexus 9 is almost a full 2mm thicker.

In spite of the Air 2’s thinness, it is the heavier device, weighing in at 437 to 444 grams depending on whether you are looking at the cellular version or not. Compare this to the Nexus 9, which is 425 to 436 grams.

The screen of the Air 2 is 9.7 diagonal inches, which is .8 inches bigger than the Nexus 9’s display. It should be noted here that both devices boast the same resolution (2048X1536).

With its bigger screen, and thinner frame, it appears that the Air 2 is slightly more luxuriously designed.

Cameras Both devices feature rear cameras with 8 megapixels and HD video capabilities. However, on the front side, the Air 2’s camera is 1.2 megapixels while the Nexus 9’s is 1.6. So both devices are in a similar range in terms of cameras but if you are looking to take higher quality selfies, the Nexus 9 has a slight edge.

Battery Apple claims up to 10 hours of battery life for the Air 2 during constant WiFi browsing, while Google claims 9.5 hours of battery life during similar usage.

Storage and Price The Air 2 has a wider range of models available with storage capacities ranging from 16 to 128 gigabytes, while the Nexus 9 only has models which range from 16 gb to 32 gb.

At any level, the Air 2 is significantly more expensive than the Nexus 9. The Air 2’s wifi only models start at $499 for the cheapest 16 gb version, and extend to $699 for the 128 gb version. The wifi+cellular models of the Air 2 are $629 for the 16 gb version ranging to $829 for the 128 gb version. Meanwhile, the Nexus 9 starts at $399 for the Wifi only 16 gb version and ranges up to $479 for the 32 gb version. The LTE enabled 32 gb version of the Nexus 9 is the same price as the WiFi only 32gb edition of the Air 2 at $599.

Conclusion The Nexus 9 and the Air 2 are remarkably similar devices. Both are in the same range in terms of display quality, camera quality, and battery life. However, the Ipad Air 2 is slightly superior in terms of design. Remember though, that opting for the Air 2 means paying considerably more. It is up to you to decide if paying that extra money for an Apple product is worth it.

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