Canada Post Weekend Delivery: Does Canada Post Deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

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Does Canada Post Deliver On Weekends? Everything You Need to Know

When you're waiting for a package or need to send one, understanding Canada Post's delivery schedule is essential. Many wonder if Canada Post operates on weekends. This guide will answer that question and provide a comprehensive overview of Canada Post's weekend delivery services, including options and exceptions, to help you plan your shipments efficiently.

Understanding Canada Post's Weekend Delivery Services

Does Canada Post Deliver on Weekends?

As of 2024, Canada Post typically does not offer regular mail delivery on weekends. Mail delivery runs from Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. However, there are exceptions and specific services that might operate differently. Here’s what you need to know:

Parcel Delivery

  • Parcels: While standard mail does not see weekend delivery, Canada Post does offer weekend delivery for parcels in some cases, particularly during peak times such as the holiday season or under special circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic response, which has seen an increase in online shopping and thus, delivery needs.

Special Services

  • Xpresspost: This service guarantees delivery on the next business day within Canada and might include Saturday delivery if the service falls on this day. However, it is crucial to check with Canada Post or your shipping confirmation to see if Saturday delivery applies to your specific shipment.

  • Priority: As the fastest service offered by Canada Post, Priority mail might be delivered on weekends in urgent cases, though this is not guaranteed and should be confirmed at the time of purchase.

How to Check if Your Package Will Be Delivered on a Weekend

To determine if your package will arrive on a weekend, you should:

  • Check the Tracking Information: Canada Post provides detailed tracking for packages. By entering your tracking number on the Canada Post website or mobile app, you can see the expected delivery date and any notes on weekend delivery.

  • Confirm at Purchase: If you are sending a package and weekend delivery is crucial, inquire at the time of purchase about the possibility of weekend delivery and any additional costs associated.

What to Do If You Need Guaranteed Weekend Delivery

If weekend delivery is essential for your package, consider the following:

  • Use a Courier Service: Other courier services in Canada might offer guaranteed weekend delivery options. Companies like FedEx, UPS, or DHL provide various services that ensure Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) deliveries.

  • Canada Post FlexDelivery: This service allows you to direct your packages to a post office of your choice. While not a direct home delivery service, it does enable you to pick up your package on a Saturday if the post office hours permit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Post Weekend Delivery

1. Does Canada Post deliver on Sundays?

  • Regular mail and parcels are generally not delivered on Sundays. Exceptions may occur during high-volume periods like the Christmas season.

2. Are post offices open on weekends?

  • Some Canada Post office locations are open on Saturdays, but this varies by location and typically not on Sundays. Always check your local post office hours.

3. Can I receive a package from Canada Post on Saturday?

  • It's possible during peak periods or if using specific services like Xpresspost, depending on the origin and destination of the package.

4. How can I ensure my package arrives over the weekend?

  • Opt for higher-tier services like Priority or Xpresspost and confirm the delivery schedule when purchasing the service.


While Canada Post does not generally deliver regular mail on weekends, there are certain conditions and services where weekend delivery of parcels is possible. Always verify specific service options and track your packages closely to understand when they will arrive. For urgent weekend deliveries, exploring alternative courier services could also be beneficial.

Canada Post Services (FAQs)

1. Does Canada Post deliver on weekends?

  • Generally, Canada Post does not deliver regular mail on weekends. However, parcels may occasionally be delivered on weekends during peak shipping periods or in urban areas, but this is not guaranteed.

2. What are Canada Post's delivery hours?

  • Canada Post typically delivers mail between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Delivery times can vary based on location and volume.

3. Does Canada Post deliver on Sundays?

  • No, Canada Post does not usually deliver on Sundays. Sunday delivery is not part of their standard service offerings.

4. Are Canada Post offices open on weekends?

  • Some Canada Post offices are open on Saturdays, but it varies by location. Generally, post offices are closed on Sundays. It is best to check the specific hours of operation for your local post office via the Canada Post website.

5. How can I track my Canada Post package?

  • You can track your Canada Post package by using the tracking number provided at the time of shipment. Enter this number on the Canada Post tracking tool available on their website or mobile app.

6. What is the fastest delivery service offered by Canada Post?

  • The fastest delivery service offered by Canada Post is Priority™, which provides next-day delivery within Canada, depending on the origin and destination.

7. How do I find out if my local Canada Post office is open?

  • To find out if your local Canada Post office is open, visit the Canada Post website and use their Find a Post Office tool. You can search by postal code or city to find the nearest location and view its hours of operation.

8. Can I receive a package from Canada Post on Saturday?

  • Saturday delivery is possible for parcels if the sender has opted for a service like Xpresspost or Priority, which can include Saturday as a delivery option, depending on the destination and shipping time. Always confirm with the sender or check the expected delivery date through tracking.

9. Does Canada Post offer evening delivery?

  • Canada Post does not typically offer scheduled evening delivery for regular mail services. However, during peak holiday seasons or in select urban areas, evening deliveries for parcels might occur.

10. What should I do if I miss a Canada Post delivery?

  • If you miss a Canada Post delivery, you will typically receive a delivery notice card that tells you where and when you can pick up your package, usually at the nearest post office. You have 15 calendar days to pick up your item before it is returned to the sender.

Canada Post Weekend Delivery
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