Black Friday Free Shipping Offers 2018

Black Friday Free Shipping Offers 2018
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Shipping Polices for Black Friday 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming up later in the month, which means its time for big online retailers to put on hefty discounts.

It’s a great opportunity for people to shop for those last-minute deals and take advantage Black Friday free shipping options and other bundling opportunities.

Here is a list of the online retailers expecting to release the biggest discounts this year and how you can take advantage of Black Friday free shipping and more.

1. Amazon

Amazon has not announced any special shipping rates, that means customers can expect the regular shipping rates on purchases less than $25.

This does not include Amazon Prime users, they are offered free two-day shipping on all orders regardless of spend.

Although it technically doesn’t beat out the competition, this offer extends year-round which is included in the Prime service.

What to Expect from Amazon:

Amazon is already listing its early Black Friday deals which highlights dozens of categories and hundreds of products.

Keep an eye out on this page for more details Early Black Friday Deals 2018.

Be prepared to expect Amazon to push its vast line of specially made products. Everything from the Kindle, fire, Echo, and all its famous line of Amazon Basics products.

2. Walmart

Black Friday shipping policy for Walmart is as follow: free two-day shipping when you spend at least $35.

Based on the deals offered by Walmart in previous years, spending $35 is an easy thing to accomplish when purchasing big ticketed items like TV, appliances, and phones.

What to Expect from Walmart:

It’s the beginning of the November and Walmart has already launched its notification of its wave of sales. Starting November 23rd, phones, TVs, game consoles, and much more are the list items on sale.

See the full list of deals here Walmart Ad Scan.

3. Best Buy

This year, Best Buy is offering its Black Friday shoppers free shipping for the entire season.

This means that customers can take advantage of online shopping and receive same conveniences of in-store shopping.

This offer is said to extend past Christmas, which is more than enough time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping.

This is a step up from previous years and is a leg up on the competition. This offer is not offered on “Special Order” which includes “in store only” or “check stores”.

What to Expect from Best Buy:

As far as what to expect from Best Buy this year, adscans and leaks from previous years can give us an idea of what to expect.

This most noticeable offers will be the previous generation laptops and TVs. These will be on blow out sales prices which means you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 – $200.

4. Target

Target has also improved its free shipping for Black Friday. It is offering all customers free two-day shipping from November 1st till December 22nd.

Which means customers can take advantage of this opportunity for Christmas shopping as well.

Pre-Black Friday sales have been announced meaning sales are expected to go on possibly a few days to a week before the big day.

What to Expect from Target:

Based on ad scans from last year, it looks like Target will offer a variety of bundle packages for gaming consoles, phones, smart homes, and TVs.

Customers will have to wait and see what kind of deep bundled discounts customers can expect.

One thing is for sure, Target will offer its competitive free shipping for Black Friday till Christmas.

How Reship can help with Black Friday Free Shipping:

Wanting to take advantage of the Black Friday deals in other countries? Well Reship can help with that, plan this year and make a list of what you are wanting to buy. If you find a good deal at any of the vendors above, have them sent to one of our warehouses located in the US, Canada, and UK.

From there we will consolidate by combining your packages and eliminating excess shipping clutter then ship it directly to you for one low rate shipping cost. This means you can shop without limits and still take advantage of free shipping Black Friday rates.

Visit us at for more details and feel free to reach out to our customer service if your stuck on at any point of the process.

We are here to help this year and make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping experience a pleasant one.

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