Best Online Sources for Coffee Connoisseurs

Best Online Sources for Coffee Connoisseurs
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By Steve Woodfield

The web (and have made it a lot easier for small businesses to reach bigger potential audiences across the world — just look at the world of small-batch artisan coffee. While Starbucks might seem like they have a store on every block, people who want something different definitely have options.

Smaller sellers who source their beans directly from farmers and roast them here in the US can take your order, roast it the same day, and ship it out ASAP, providing fresher and better beans than most of the mega-retailers. Here are 8 resources for high-quality coffee delivered to your door:

Victrola Coffee Roasters: This small batch coffee company has a cafe and roastery in Seattle, where they have “a well-rounded, interesting menu that stretches the global coffee growing regions.” Check out their webshop for single origin coffees, blends, and mugs.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Founded in Portland, Stumptown is a superstar of boutique coffee roasters and now has locations in Seattle and New York. Their catalog of organic and direct trade beans (roasted in Portland and Brooklyn) can be viewed and purchased online.

Intelligentsia: This company started in Chicago and now has locations in Los Angeles and New York, too. They roast and sell beans through their stores and online, where you can find seasonal varieties purchased directly from farmers around the world.

Counter Culture Coffee: This North Carolina-based coffee company has been around for 15 years, and they specialize in “sourcing handcrafted coffees directly from farmers.” Their online catalog changes seasonally, depending on what’s currently available.

Blue Bottle Coffee: This Oakland coffee company has locations and roasteries on both coasts (in the Bay Area and Brooklyn). Their mission is to roast the coffee and get it to you within 48 hours, and you can buy online or sign up for a monthly open-ended subscription.

Alterra Coffee: Located in Milwaukee, this company sources their beans directly from farmers. They supply local cafes and restaurants, they have their own cafe, and they sell online, where you can browse by taste preference or bean origin.

Zingerman’s: Located in Ann Arbor, Zingerman’s has their hand in everything from cheese-making to craft beers. The business also includes a single estate, small batch roaster and coffee bar. If you’re not in Ann Arbor, you can buy directly through their extensive online catalog.

Metropolis Coffee: Jeff Dreyfuss was an Indonesian Language Professor before he started Metropolis with his son Tony in 2003. They’re all about “small batch artisan roasting in the heart of Chicago” and they have a real-life cafe in addition to their online shop.

Image by Adrian Dreßler

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