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Best Online Bookstores in the UK, Canada, and the USA


In an age where digital consumption is at an all-time high, the love for traditional reading has not only persisted but flourished, with online bookstores playing a pivotal role in this renaissance. In 2024, these havens for bibliophiles have transcended mere transactions to become gateways to vast worlds, ideas, and communities. Whether you're in the UK, Canada, or the USA, the best online bookstores offer more than convenience; they bring together variety, user experience, exceptional delivery options, and unique offerings under one virtual roof. This blog dives into the crème de la crème of online bookstores across these countries, highlighting what makes each stand out in the digital era.

Best Online Bookstores in the UK

The UK's rich literary tradition continues to thrive online, with several key players dominating the scene:


Waterstones stands as a beacon for book lovers, offering an extensive selection that caters to all tastes and ages. Known for its customer-centric approach, Waterstones provides not just books but a shopping experience that includes personalized recommendations, a user-friendly website, and speedy delivery across the UK and internationally.


With a history that dates back to 1903, Foyles has successfully transitioned into the digital age without losing its soul. It's celebrated for its vast range of titles, including hard-to-find books and literary events that have now found a virtual home, allowing readers worldwide to connect with authors and literary discussions.


Blackwell's, revered for its focus on academic and educational materials, offers an invaluable resource for students, academics, and lifelong learners. Its broad inventory includes textbooks, specialist literature, and a wide array of fiction and non-fiction titles, making it a one-stop-shop for scholarly and leisure reading alike.

Daunt Books

Daunt Books is for those who wanderlust with a book in hand. Specializing in travel literature, Daunt also offers an expertly curated collection of general titles that promise to transport readers across the globe from the comfort of their homes. Its unique approach to categorizing books by country enhances the discovery experience, making it a favorite among explorers at heart.

Best Online Bookstores in Canada

Canada's literary scene is as diverse as its landscape, with online bookstores that range from massive chains to independent gems.


Indigo is not just Canada's largest bookstore chain; it's a cultural hub for book lovers nationwide. Offering an extensive selection of books, eBooks, and audiobooks, Indigo also provides a plethora of gifts and lifestyle products. Its website is a treasure trove of reader reviews, staff picks, and author interviews, ensuring that readers are well-informed before making a purchase.

McNally Robinson

Proudly independent, McNally Robinson champions Canadian authors and literature while offering an impressive array of international titles. Its commitment to community and literary culture is evident in its support for local authors, book clubs, and writing workshops. Shopping at McNally Robinson means supporting a business that values books and their creators.


Based in Victoria, BC, and with a global reach, AbeBooks specializes in used, rare, and out-of-print books. It connects readers with thousands of independent sellers worldwide, making it possible to find almost any book you're searching for. AbeBooks is a haven for collectors and those on a quest for special editions or nostalgic reads.


For the budget-conscious reader, BookOutlet offers a solution without compromise on choice. With a vast selection of discounted books, BookOutlet provides an affordable way to build a personal library. The thrill of browsing their ever-changing inventory adds to the excitement of discovering your next great read at a fraction of the cost.

Best Online Bookstores in the USA

The USA's online bookstore market is vast and varied, offering everything from mainstream giants to independent stalwarts.


Amazon's dominance in the online retail space extends into the realm of books, where it began its journey. With an unmatched selection of books, eBooks, and audiobooks, Amazon remains a go-to for convenience, competitive pricing, and a virtually limitless range of titles.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble, with its strong online presence complemented by physical stores, offers a vast selection of books across all genres. Its website features reader reviews, author interviews, and exclusive editions, making it a favorite among readers who appreciate the synergy of online and in-store shopping experiences.

Powell's Books

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Powell's Books is the world's largest independent bookstore. Its online store mirrors the eclectic spirit of its physical counterpart, offering new, used, and out-of-print books. Powell's commitment to the literary community and its vast inventory make it a beloved destination for readers seeking both mainstream and obscure titles.


ThriftBooks focuses on sustainability and affordability, offering a wide range of used books at low prices. Its commitment to recycling and reusing books appeals to eco-conscious readers, while its loyalty program and personalized recommendations make book shopping both rewarding and fun.

Unique Features of Online Bookstores

While the inventory and prices of these bookstores draw in customers, their unique features create lasting relationships with readers. Personalized book recommendations, based on browsing and purchase history, enhance the shopping experience. Exclusive editions, signed copies, and author events offer additional value, making each purchase special. Furthermore, the shift towards sustainability, with eco-friendly packaging and support for local communities, reflects a broader commitment beyond just selling books.


The best online bookstores in the UK, Canada, and the USA in 2024 offer more than just books; they provide gateways to new worlds, ideas, and communities. Each bookstore brings something unique to the table, whether it's the depth of their catalog, their commitment to sustainability, or their support for local literature. As readers, our support for these stores—be it a global giant or a local independent—fuels the vibrant literary culture that thrives online. So, for your next literary adventure, explore these destinations and discover not just your next book, but a whole new reading experience.

How To Buy Books Internationally With Reship

For international book lovers looking to access the vast selection available in the UK, Canada, and the USA, geographical boundaries can pose significant challenges—from high shipping costs to outright unavailability of international shipping options from certain retailers. This is where a service like Reship comes into play, offering a seamless solution for global bibliophiles to shop from their favorite online bookstores without being limited by their location. Here’s how international shoppers can utilize Reship to bring the world’s literature to their doorstep:

Sign Up for a Reship Account

The first step is to create an account with Reship, which will provide you with a local address in the countries where Reship operates—namely the UK, Canada, and the USA. This address acts as your shipping destination when you place orders online.

Shopping for Books

Once you have your Reship address, you can start shopping at any online bookstore in the UK, Canada, or the USA. Whether it's Waterstones in the UK, Indigo in Canada, or Powell’s Books in the USA, you can explore a vast array of books and place your orders using the provided Reship address as your delivery location.

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