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Best Myus alternative
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In the realm of international shopping and shipping, stands out as a premier choice, surpassing MyUS with its strategically positioned warehouses in the USA, UK, and Canada. Each location offers unique benefits, making the go-to solution for savvy global shoppers. Let's delve into what sets Reship apart and why it's your best option for international shipping needs.

Reship's Edge Over MyUS: A Warehouse-by-Warehouse Breakdown

USA Warehouse: Benefit from No Sales Tax

  • Location Advantage: Reship's USA warehouse is strategically located in a no-sales-tax state. This means significant savings for shoppers purchasing from US retailers, as they avoid the extra costs typically associated with sales tax in other states.

  • Access to US Markets: Enjoy unparalleled access to a vast array of US retailers, perfect for those exclusive, hard-to-find items or bulk purchases.

UK Warehouse: Gateway to Shopping United Kingdom

  • European Market Access: The UK warehouse opens doors to Europe’s diverse shopping landscape. Whether it's high-fashion brands or unique European products, Reship makes it easy to shop and ship from the UK to your doorstep.

  • Hassle-Free EU Shopping: With Reship, navigating the complexities of EU shopping becomes effortless, ensuring a smooth shipping process from the UK to your location.

Canada Warehouse: North American Shipping Simplified

  • Ideal for US-Canada Cross-Border Shopping: The Canadian warehouse is a boon for those looking to tap into North American markets, offering another shipping option that might be more cost-effective or convenient than shipping directly from the USA.

  • Diverse Retail Options: Canada's diverse retail market is now within easy reach, allowing you to shop from a range of Canadian and American stores with ease.

Why Reship is Your Top Choice

  • Cost-Effective Shipping:'s strategic warehouse locations lead to reduced shipping costs, especially with the no sales tax benefit in the USA.

  • Global Reach: With warehouses in key global locations, Reship offers a broad network, ensuring you can shop from almost anywhere in the world.

  • User-Friendly Platform: Reship's intuitive website and app simplify the process of managing your international shipments.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Experience dedicated support and guidance throughout your shipping journey.

Getting Started with Reship

  1. Sign Up: Visit and create your account.

  2. Receive Your Addresses: Get your personal shipping addresses in the USA, UK, and Canada.

  3. Start Shopping: Shop from your preferred international stores and use your Reship addresses.

  4. Consolidate and Ship: Manage your orders and consolidate shipments for added savings.


For an enhanced international shopping and shipping experience, is your superior choice over MyUS. With its strategic warehouse locations, cost-effective shipping options, user-friendly platform, and top-notch customer service, is dedicated to making global shopping hassle-free and affordable. Visit today to start your international shopping journey with confidence.

Reship VS. MyUS

What is the difference between MyUS and Reship in terms of shipping rates?

👍 Answer: Both MYUS and Reship offer competitive shipping rates, but Reship is often perceived to have an edge in cost-effectiveness for certain routes and package sizes due to its flexible pricing models and occasional promotional discounts, which can result in lower overall shipping costs for consumers.

How do MyUS and Reship compare in global reach and country availability?

👍 Answer: MYUS boasts a wide global reach, servicing over 220 countries and territories. Reship also offers extensive international shipping options, with similar global coverage. The difference may lie in specific service enhancements or partnerships that could make Reship more advantageous for shipping to certain countries.

What are the consolidation and repackaging options like with MyUS versus Reship?

👍 Answer: Both services offer package consolidation and repackaging to reduce shipping costs. However, Reship may offer more personalized repackaging options and flexible consolidation services, which can provide additional savings by minimizing package dimensions and weight.

How do the subscription fees and membership plans of MyUS compare to Reship?

🚨 Answer: MYUS offers several membership levels, including free, premium, and business plans, each with its own set of benefits and fees. Reship typically provides a more straightforward fee structure with fewer hidden costs, which might be more appealing to users who prefer simplicity and predictability in pricing.

Can you explain the differences in customer service between MyUS and Reship?

👍 Answer: Both companies prioritize customer service, but customers might find Reship's support more accessible or personalized, thanks to its commitment to customer satisfaction and a possibly smaller, more focused user base. This can translate to quicker response times and more individual attention.

How do MyUS and Reship handle issues like lost or damaged packages?

👍 Answer: Both services have policies in place to assist customers with lost or damaged packages, including claims processes and potential compensation. The efficiency and ease of resolving such issues may vary, with Reship often receiving praise for its customer-centric resolution process.

What makes Reship more attractive for international shoppers compared to MyUS?

👍 Answer: Reship may appeal more to international shoppers due to its user-friendly interface, potentially lower shipping costs, and high levels of customer service. Additionally, Reship’s flexible consolidation and repackaging services can offer significant savings, making it an attractive choice for cost-conscious consumers.

How do the additional services of MyUS and Reship compare, such as mail forwarding or shopping assistance?

👍 Answer: While MYUS offers a range of additional services like mail forwarding and shopping assistance, Reship also provides similar services with an emphasis on simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The choice between the two may depend on the specific needs of the customer, such as the desire for shopping assistance or the need for a more straightforward mail forwarding service.

What feedback do users typically have about MyUS compared to Reship?

👍 Answer: User feedback varies, but Reship often receives positive remarks for its straightforward pricing, effective customer service, and user-friendly platform. MYUS, while highly regarded, sometimes receives criticism for its fee structure, which can be more complex and less transparent.

Why might someone choose Reship over MyUS for their package forwarding needs?

👍 Answer: Individuals might choose Reship over MYUS for reasons including potentially lower costs, personalized customer service, straightforward pricing without hidden fees, and flexible package handling options. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual priorities, such as cost, service range, and user experience preferences.

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