Beach Packing List: 10 Essential Items

Beach Packing List: 10 Essential Items
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It’s July, the dead of summer for much of the world, which means millions of people are flocking to the beach. While the beach is a fantastic place for anyone to be on a nice sunny day, the experience can always be made better with the right accessories. And if you think just a towel and sunscreen is all you need to make the most of a day at the beach, you haven’t seen this list of fantastic beach accessories. Once you add some of these to your beach packing list, you’ll wonder how you ever went to the beach without them.

Dig-Git Umbrella Anchor

A little wind shouldn’t ruin a beach day should it? Usually not, but if you want to chill under an umbrella, the wind can be your worst enemy. Anyone who has been sent running halfway down the beach in pursuit of their windswept umbrella knows that. So what can be done? Using the Dig-Git Umbrella Anchor is what. This device is used to first dig a hole 12 inches deep in the sand, and then secure your umbrella in that hole so nothing short of a hurricane will get it out.

Now you can enjoy the beach without the fear of having to run down your umbrella in embarrassment.

Picnic Time Beachcomber Beach Mat

One thing that’s really nice to have at the beach is something to lean against as you relax on the sand. But you can’t always count on a log space being available (they’re always the first to go). And even if you do get one, logs don’t make for the most comfortable back support. Your solution is the Picnic Time Beachcomber Portable Beach Mat. With this thing, you can relax with comfort and ease as you take in the beautiful ocean views. With a shoulder strap for portability and a zippered pocket to store valuables, it seems the makers of the Beach Mat thought of everything. This one is an essential for your beach packing list.


If you enjoy getting a nice even tan, you know that has its own challenges, so you might as well be comfortable when you’re doing it. That’s where the Podillow comes in. The Podillow provides support for your head and neck, lifting your face off the ground when in a face-down position. No more awkwardly turning your head 90 degrees for you! Extra features include storage areas for your other beach accessories. It’s an unlikely addition to your beach packing list, but not one you’ll want to go without.

Waterproof Phone Case

A beach day can be greatly enhanced by the right entertainment and a phone with some good music streaming apps does the job nicely. But, then nature poses a problem. It’s easy enough to avoid getting your phone wet at the beach, but getting sand all up in that thing can be just as bad. Don’t let it scratch up your phone and become a permanent resident under the screen. Get a waterproof phone case and you’ll be good to use your phone wherever you are at the beach.

“Beach Thingy”

They could’ve come up with a better name, but whatever. This thing is great. As you can see from the photo, it is another product which takes care of that age-old no-backrest-at-the-beach problem. Just use your foot to bury the spikes in the sand and presto! You got a comfortable backrest you can chill with all day.

An Element Proof Beach Towel

A beach towel is great, but you’ll notice that they tend to get a little uncomfortable when sand and water sticks to the back of them. With this towel, you don’t have to put up with it anymore. One side of this towel is the absorbing and soft texture you need out of a beach towel, but the other side? The other side is fine nylon. That means sand doesn’t stick to it and water doesn’t penetrate it. Where this towel really shines is when you’re getting back in the car after a day at the beach. It won’t fill your interior with sand, and you can lay it on the seats so wet bottoms won’t ruin your upholstery. You’ll thank yourself for adding this to your beach packing list.

Beach Wagon

Got kids? The walk from the car to the beach can feel like an epic journey when you have to wrangle the little ones along with all of their toys and other stuff. That’s where the beach wagon comes in. Just fill it with all the stuff you brought and you’ll have an easy time getting it all down to the right spot on the beach. No more multiple trips to the car. Hell, your kids will probably volunteer to pull it themselves.


There are beach umbrellas, and then there is this. Half umbrella, half tent, the Sport-brella is your ultimate protector from the sun. At 8 feet wide, you’re not going to have any problem giving the whole family refuge from the sun’s rays. And with 2 closable windows, you won’t feel isolated. It even comes with 4 tent pegs to secure the contraption. It’s not just great for the beach. Break it out if you ever have to hang out in the rain and you’ll be dry as a bone.

Chill it Bags Beer Cooler

Sometimes a cooler full of ice is just too cumbersome to bring to the beach. This bag is filled with pockets of freezable liquid, which will keep the bag’s contents ice cold for a long time. Now you can enjoy your beach beverages at a refreshing temperature fitting for a day at the beach.

Coleman Party Stacker Cooler

If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, you’re going to want to get yourself a cooler. And the Coleman Party Stacker is one of the best. For a long day at the beach, this is the one you want. It can keep ice frozen for the whole day in 100 degree weather. And if you have a big group, you can get multiple ones and stack them on top of each other easily.

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