All of Apple’s September 9 2015 Announcements

All of Apple’s September 9 2015 Announcements
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Apple spilled several truckloads of beans yesterday, with a whole bunch of announcements regarding updated iterations to most of their major products. This is news which any Apple fan must not miss. And for those pressed for time, we have condensed the entire multi-hour presentation down to this quick article.

Apple TV

While the new Apple TV probably won’t change the video game landscape as some predicted, it does bring a number of cool new features to the Apple TV platform. It will enable you to control it by talking to Siri or by using your nifty new touch sensitive remote. Perhaps the most exciting Apple TV news is the announcement of a new operating system (tvOS), which will allow the integration of third party apps from the likes of Netflix, Activision, and Airbnb among others. Yes, you can play games on it. With Apple TV, you’ll be able to play your current iOS games on the big screen, or get games right off of Apple TV.

Apple Watch

Apple gave fans of high fashion something to cheer about, when they announced that they would be teaming up with Hermes to produce an extra dapper Apple Watch with straps made from Hand-stitched leather and a unique watch face. This will be available in October.

In addition to this, the Apple Watch will be available in fancy new colors, like gold and rose gold, along with a new selection of watch bands. We love that Apple is taking so much care to ensure that everyone who buys an Apple Watch will be able to walk around feeling stylish and fashionable.

They haven’t forgotten about the software, though. September will see the release of Watches running WatchOS2, which will allow for implementation of third party apps.

Ipad Pro

The Ipad Pro was announced. Just like the Mac Book Pro before it, the Ipad Pro is the current definitive (and most expensive) version of its family. This tablet is big… really big. At 12.9 Inches and 5.6 million pixels, the excuse that your finger slipped in Candy Crush will be even less believable.

Other specs include 10 hours of battery life, a chip 80% faster than the previous Ipad version, an 8mp camera, and thickness of less than 7mm. Pricing starts at $799 and ranges to $1079 depending on your desired features.

Never passing up an opportunity to tempt you with sleek fancy add-ons, Apple has announced two devices to compliment your Ipad Experience. First, the Apple Pencil, is a stylus which was made for all you designers and doodlers out there. It allows the user to mark up an electronic document or make a design directly in their ipad. A keyboard accessory was also announced, which attaches to the Ipad Pro in much the same way Microsoft Surface’s Keyboard does. The Pencil and Keyboard will be priced at $99 and $169 USD respectively.

Ipad Mini 4

For those who might not want to go all out for their tablet purchase, an update to the Ipad Mini was announced. The Ipad Mini 4 will retail for $399.

Iphone 6S and 6S+

And now the news for Iphone fans. Apple introduced the Apple Iphone 6S and 6S+ and boy do they look pretty.

The Iphone 6S and 6S+ will be faster and running an updated OS (iOS9) with a new A9 chip which can have them running CPU tasks at 70% faster and graphic tasks 90% faster than previous iterations, making this the go-to phone for people with 0% patience. The camera now houses an impressive 12MPs, speedier auto focus, and 4K video shooting capability. Pictures of your cat have never been so crisp and finely detailed.

Another exciting addition is the Iphone’s 3D touch capability, which will make the touch screen pressure sensitive, allowing for a wider range of more nuanced gestures.

The Iphone 6S and 6S+ are priced starting at $549 and $649 respectively.

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