6 Yoga Essentials For Beginners

6 Yoga Essentials For Beginners
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Yoga is a great activity to do by yourself or with a friend.

Yoga has become popular among celebrities but has also now become known and practiced by the general public.

Yoga is also good for overall health and fitness. It helps increase flexibility, increases muscle strength, helps with the maintenance of a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, reduces the risk of injury and helps with mental health.

However, there are some yoga essentials that you will need if you are a first timer.

Here is a list of yoga essentials for beginners:

Yoga Mat Price $15.99

Yes a yoga mat could not have been more obvious! A Yoga mat is essential if you’re a beginner or an expert.

The quality of yoga mat could make a huge difference with your participation with this activity. That’s why we recommend the Incline Fit Yoga Mat! It is extra long and extra thick to provide cushion for knees. It is also multi-functional because it is  great for padding under a sleeping bag, as a meditation mat and great for home workouts.

It is Eco Free that is Phthalate-free and moisture-resistant which makes the mat skip-free and easier to clean. In addition, it comes in many stylish colors like Seafoam, Onyx, Marine Blue, Dragonfruit, Elephant gray and Radiant Orchid that you can choose from. It also comes will a carrying strap which will make it easier for you to take to your yoga classes.

Water Bottle Price $9.99

Being hydrated is essential for your overall health. Participating in activities like yoga may cause you to perspire which will cause you to become dehydrated.  This is why it is extremely important to have a water bottle within reach. The Ello Glass water bottle is odor free, stain free and is easy to clean. It is made out of Annealed for durability, has a protective silicone for grip, dishwasher safe and is big enough for ice.  It is 100% BPA free, leak proof and exceeds FDA standards. This water bottle is also eco friendly because you can re-use it!

Yoga Towel Price $24.99

A Yoga towel is important to have because it helps you from slipping and sliding around. The Bikram Hot Yoga Towel is amazing because it can also be used as a blanket. It is super absorbent and soaks up sweat and moisture which helps your yoga mat not move around.

It is easy to wash and dry which helps eliminate smells. This yoga mat towel also comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from, which include purple, blue, grey and salmon.

Yoga Blocks Price $12.99

Yoga blocks are an important piece of equipment to have. This is because they help you reach the floor in key poses and safely assist you with your alignment and in flexibility.

The PreSource Yoga Blocks have a non-stick surface, are durable, light weight, soft, scratch proof and are good for any  type of surface. These yoga blocks come in purple, blue, black and pink so you can pick your favorite color.

Yoga Straps Price $9.99

Clever Yoga Straps are an essential item to have in yoga bag. This is because they help you hold yoga poses and assist with certain movements. The straps also help increase flexibility which is helpful for physical rehabilitation.

Yoga Bag $13.99

A yoga bag is great because it can hold all your yoga essentials. If you are looking for a great bag than the Runzone Yoga Mat Tote Bag is perfect! This bag can hold all your gear and your yoga mat as well. It is lightweight and has lots of room. It has adjustable shoulder straps so it is comfortable to carry no matter how tall you are. It is also water resistant and comes in a variety of colors.

Yoga Essentials For Beginners Yoga Essentials
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