6 Weird Things to Buy on Amazon

6 Weird Things to Buy on Amazon
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Amazon.com is an absolutely massive market place, filled with countless selections of mostly very useful and practical products. If Amazon.com were a physical store, it would probably be the size of Central Park. So it is no surprise that some truly confusing, unique and strange things get sold there. If you would like to get your hands on some items you’d never think to look for in the first place, read on for our list of Amazon oddities.

Kitchen Art Ham Dogger

You ever have those moments where you’re eating a hamburger, all the while wishing it was shaped like a hot dog? No? Well then the Kitchen Art Ham Dogger isn’t for you. But for those who prefer hamburger ingredients with a hot dog shape, this will be what you have always wanted. This contraption rolls and molds hamburger patties into ¼ lb hotdog shapes. We can’t imagine anyone using this particularly frequently, but you may get some use out of it if you end up with an excess amount of hamburger meat and hot dog buns and a deficiency of hamburger buns.

Unicorn Meat

While scientists are unable to confirm the existence of living unicorns, their meat doesn’t seem to be in short supply. The Amazon listing is sparse with details but the reviews seem to be very positive. There appear to be plenty of folks who have greatly enjoyed their Spam like can of Unicorn meat, despite reports of rainbow colored urine. Each can is sure to contain ingredients like wishes, giggles, stars, sunshine and dreams.

But seriously, if you really want to know what the deal is with this Unicorn Meat, you can see an unboxing in the video below. What is contained within the comically decorated tin are plushy versions of chopped up unicorn parts. So if you’re looking for legitimate unicorn meat, you may be disappointed.

Roswell Soil Sample

Here we have perhaps one of the best reasons to pay $15 for a small bag of dirt. This soil sample comes directly from the site of the Roswell UFO incident, where some believe a UFO piloted by extra-terrestrials crashed and was covered up by the United States military. This soil sample may be a significant part of human history. It may contain traces of actual aliens and their space craft. Emphasis on “may”.


Do you, for some reason, have to buy a gift for someone you really don’t like? We can’t imagine a more fitting gesture than giving them Nothing. Yes, Nothing is literally nothing. When you purchase Nothing, you will receive some very nice plastic packaging, containing absolutely no actual product. Not much more we can say here as the product we are describing is basically just empty space.

Inflatable Toast

This may be the most baffling thing on our list. While we imagine the other entries have at least some value to some people, this one is truly pointless. Yes, as the name and picture suggest, this is a bit of plastic which inflates to give the appearance of a piece of toast. We have no idea who would have a use for this, or why, but we feel better knowing it exists.

1 Million Dollar Bills

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be rich beyond your wildest dreams? Now you can have help by buying a stack of one hundred fake 1 Million Dollar Bills. They look exactly like what a one million dollar bill might look like, if such a thing actually existed. We hope anyone buying these fake bills would use them harmlessly, rather than attempting to trick some poor child into selling their bike.

If you’re enjoying this list, you can take pleasure in the fact that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tonnes of other nonsensical, baffling and just plain weird items listed at Amazon including the following:

  • Wigs for Dogs

  • Tiny Desktop Cannons

  • Pillows in the Shape of Body Parts

  • Locking Mechanisms for Ice Cream Containers

  • Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

  • Steering Wheel Mounted Desks

  • Books on How to Swear

  • Wolf Urine

  • Live Ladybugs

  • Disposable Underpants

  • Radioactive Uranium

  • Caffeinated Soap

  • A Pound of Cereal Marshmallows

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