6 Essential Gadgets for Hosting a Party

6 Essential Gadgets for Hosting a Party
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As the end of the year approaches, the season of dinner parties and home entertaining is upon us. There’s nothing better than a great party with your closest friends and family. But then again, there is nothing worse than a party where everything goes wrong, preventing people from having the good time you imagined. Not to worry, there are plenty of products out there designed to increase your odds of success. If you want to throw a get-together that will bowl over your friends and keep them coming back, this list of products will allow you to do just that and make you look like a party expert.

iRobot Roomba

What’s the first thing you do when you start preparing for a party? You probably said vacuuming. A clean floor is an absolute must for hosting your favorite people. Now, how’d you like to just skip this step all-together and focus on the finer details? The iRobot Roomba is your answer. This smart vacuum robot companion will go over your floor with a fine tooth comb and leave it party-ready. Welcome to the future.

iDevice Kitchen Thermometer

There has always been one big problem with hosting a dinner party. The host must balance the need to socialize and entertain the guests with the need to ensure that the food prep is going as planned. The iDevice Kitchen Thermometer knows your pain and is here to help. Just stick the thermometer in whatever piece of meat you are cooking, and it will alert you via an app on your phone when it has reached the perfect temperature. This means no more constant checking and worrying, and much more enjoying yourself with your party guests.

Skybell Wi-fi Doorbell

If you live in a large house and you happen to be busy in the kitchen or entertaining guests in another room, you may have faced the struggle of being interrupted by your door answering duties. Thanks to technology, this is yet another process you can make more efficient. With the Skybell Wi-fi Doorbell, a motion sensor will detect a new arrival, and alert you on your smart phone. You can even see and speak to the person on your doorstep, and instruct them to come on in.

Phillips Hue Connected Bulb

The right lighting can mean the difference between feeling like you’re at a party and feeling like you’re in a gas station bathroom. Set the mood with ease and style with the Phillips Hue Connected Bulbs. These bulbs connect to one another when installed and can be controlled in all kinds of different ways with a smartphone or tablet. Save settings of lighting conditions to your exact specifications so you can make the light perfect for when guests arrive, and turn them all the way up when you want them to leave.

Perfect Drink Smart Scale

Not an expert bartender? No one will know the difference when you have the Brookstone Perfect Drink Bartender by your side. This nifty gadget and its accompanying app will allow you to prepare even the most complex cocktails to exact proportions using a scale and easy –to-follow on screen instructions. Keep this in your home for a while and you will quickly gain a reputation as a master mixologist.

Bose SoundTouch Music System

No party is complete without some decent background music. It puts people in the right mood and nothing makes a group of people quite so uncomfortable as a prolonged silence. Unfortunately, not just any music system will do. You need something that fills your home but does not overpower any one part of it. The Bose Soundtouch Wireless Music System is the best option for the job. These speakers connect to your home’s Wifi and Bluetooth, and allows you to stream music directly off your devices. Invest in more speakers and you can have the same (or different) music playing in any room of your house. With these speakers, you are always in control, wherever you are in your house.

Essential Gadgets for Party Gadgets for Hosting a Party
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