5 Useful Bathroom Gadgets

5 Useful Bathroom Gadgets
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We love to fill our homes with all sorts of gadgets which make our lives easier. We have technology to help us cook and clean in the kitchen, and devices to allow us to relax and enjoy ourselves in the living room. But somehow, the bathroom seems to get left out of the fun. Indeed, most bathrooms only contain technology which has existed since the 1950’s. This should not be. It is time to bring bathrooms into the 21st century and the products below are a great starting point for that.

4moms Thermometer Spout Cover

A child’s skin can be sensitive, so someone saw fit to take the guess work out of bath time water temperature with the 4moms Thermometer Spout Cover. This device envelops the bathtub spout and displays the exact temperature of the water flowing through it. It also acts as a protective covering for the spout so a small child will not hurt themselves by banging their head against it. For anyone with small children, this device makes bath time a breeze.

Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

For many, the shower is not just a tool for washing. It can also be a relaxing, energizing and revitalizing experience. Kohler takes that experience to the next level with the Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker. This showerhead blasts out audio in addition to water to provide a background to your shower karaoke performances. It pairs with your music playing device via Bluetooth so your morning routine can be complimented by any music, podcasts, or radio you want. Pick this one up to turn your showers into wonderful musical experiences.

Boa Waterpebble

Water conservation is a big deal in many parts of the world, and it is only going to get bigger as time moves on. The Boa Waterpebble is part of the solution. It allows you to set a benchmark time for the length of your shower, and allows you to gauge how long you spend in the shower each time you turn it on, with a traffic light system. This can help cut down on your water usage, and also help you plan a tightly scheduled morning routine. If you are the type to get lost in thought while taking a shower (who hasn’t had a long drawn out argument with ourselves only to let the water get cold?), then consider getting the Boa Waterpebble to help keep you on track.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush

The Philips Sonicare line has long been known as being the ultimate in electric toothbrush technology, and the DiamondClean model is among the best of them. This toothbrush has five modes which make it suitable for any job from whitening teeth to cleaning sensitive gums. This machine far outclasses manual toothbrushes on many levels. According to Philips, it can remove plaque at seven times the rate of a manual toothbrush, and whiten teeth at twice the rate. It also has a 2 minute timer to ensure that you are brushing for the full recommended amount of time. Having good teeth is a very important factor in quality of life, so if you want to do your very best to protect them, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush is the way to go.

Fitbit Aria Fitness Scale

You may be familiar with the Fitbit. It’s that nifty band that goes around your wrist and records any and all instances of your physical activity. It should come as no surprise that the makers of Fitbit have designed a scale as smart as their fitness tracker. It’s called the Fitbit Aria, and it syncs with the Fitbit app to provide even more data about your weight loss (or gain) progress. It can track your weight, body mass index and body fat percentage, and displays them with handy trend charts and graphs. When you use this thing, you will feel like you have a team of scientists tracking your progress like Drago from Rocky 4.

Bathroom Gadgets Useful Bathroom Gadgets
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