5 of the Best Things to Buy in February

5 of the Best Things to Buy in February
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February is the shortest month of the year but it is also packed with deals. US retailers will be looking to get rid of their winter stock, which means big discounts on winter items. Not only that, February is also home to President’s Day, which is one of the biggest weekends of the year for sales in the US. All in all, February is a great time to buy stuff in America, but you might find better deals for some things than for others. Take a look at a few of these choice product categories below.


New furniture designs tend to make their way to stores in the spring time, which means February is prime time for retailers to be giving their old inventory the heave ho. For consumers, this means heavy mark downs for furniture as retailers do everything they possibly can to clear out the old stuff to make room for the new stuff.


The Consumer Electronics show was just last month, so we are beginning to see items featured at the show trickle in to electronics retailers. This, of course, means that old inventory will need to be quickly sold. Help out a retailer by taking that old inventory off their hands and saving quite a bit of money in the process. We expect to see great deals on last year’s cell phone models, GPS units, and speakers. Cell phones can be an especially good deal, as many cell phone retailers choose the month of love to offer great 2 for 1 deals. However, it is worth noting that November (the month of Black Friday) is still the best time to buy TVs.

Winter Clothes

February never fails to be a great month to buy winter clothing. As the cold weather in the northern hemisphere begins to give way to the mild climate of spring, shops need to clear out all those bulky jackets and snow proof pants for the new fashions of the season. If you have waited this long to buy some new winter clothing, your wait is over and you will be rewarded.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

The timing will be key here. If you want to buy a Valentine’s Day gift to give to someone on Valentine’s Day this year, well you’re gonna want to start shopping immediately. And the bargains will be limited (however we made note of some in our last post). However, if you have any use for Valentine’s Day gifts after Valentine’s Day, we would suggest waiting until just after February 14th to make the purchase. It is at this time in the calendar that Valentine’s Day gifts immediately become the subject of steep markdowns and clearance sales as demand for them drops substantially. If you find yourself needing to stock up on perfume, or a Valentine’s Day gift for next year, this would be a great opportunity.

Other off season items

There are plenty of assorted items which just don’t sell when it is cold outside. Think air conditioners. Think bicycles and motorcycles, sporting goods, and sunglasses. Stuff like this tends to be on sale in the USA in the winter months, so it couldn’t hurt to keep your eyes open for deals on stuff like this.

Best Things to Buy Best Things to Buy in February
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