10 Backpacking Essentials

10 Backpacking Essentials
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Backpacking is great to get away for the spring and summer time. It allows you to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the beauties of being outdoors. It gives you the opportunity to travel and see a lot by using a small budget. In addition, backpacking allows you live in the present without worrying about a strict timetable. You also get to make great memories and have awesome adventures. However, a backpacking trip takes a lot of planning and preparation.

So here are 10 essentials that you must have when creating your packing list:

1. Ultimate Survival Map Compass Price: $7.06

Having some form of navigation is extremely important when considering a backpacking and/or camping trip. Not only does it help you navigate from point A to B, but it can become a life saver if you get lost. There is a swivel bezel for easy map reading and has a sighting mirror and slope indicator as well. It also comes with a lanyard for easy carrying.

2. Banana Boat Sun Protection Price: $6.99

When backpacking in the summer or spring it is really easy to get a bad sunburn. Therefore, it is important to carry sunscreen on you at all times. The Banana Boat spray is an amazing sunscreen that you must have in your backpack. With the SPF being 50+ it allows protection against UVA/UVB rays. It uses Hydresia Oleosomes Technology for less active chemicals being used. In addition, it is dermatologist tested and contains Aloe, Vitamin E and Green Tea extracts. It also is easy to use with its spray on feature and is non-greasy.

3. Noga Waterproof Coats

When backpacking and being in the outdoors that weather can be unpredictable; therefore, it is important to be prepared. With the Nogo Waterproof Coat, it allows you to stay dry and warm with its soft shell and three layers that you can peel away. It is perfect for the outdoors because not only is it waterproof and warm but it is also is wind resistant.

4. Mini Cree Led Flashlight Price: $3.69

When going backpacking or even camping it is important to carry a flashlight. It allows you to navigate through the dark. You never know when you might need to spend the night or make that last mile after sunset. With the Mini Cree Led Flashlight, it can help you with all of this. With the Mini Cree Led Flashlight, it is super mini, skid proof and has a waterproof design. So it is easy to pack and travel with. It has an adjustable focus for different usage and stretching to adjust its focus. The Mini Cree Led Flashlight also comes in many colors to suit your preference.

5. Adventure Medical Kit Price: $13.87

It is crucial to pack a medical kit when backpacking and/or camping. You never know when you may stumble across an accident that may cause injury; therefore, it is important to be prepared for minor and large injuries. The World Travel Medical Kit contains the supplies you may need when traveling to remote locations or even internationally. It comes with a full complement wound care supplies and medications to treat common travel illnesses; including stomach upset, pain and allergies. This medical kit also has a section to add your own medications and resources to overcome language barriers. It also provides hospital quality care which can help stabilize fractures and sprains.

6. Coleman Tent Repair Kit Price: $6.08

When backpacking and/or camping you never know when you might experience a tear or a hole in your tent. Without the Coleman Tent Repair Kit, you maybe then exposed to water leakage and bug bites which are no fun. With the Coleman Tent Repair Kit, you have the resources at your figure tips to fix a tear or hole in your tent so you can go back and enjoy your trip.

7. Sawyer Filtration System Price: Various

When spending time in the outdoors and in the natural environments it is important to carry water with you at all times. Not only does it keep you hydrated but it is also the key resource for survival. But what happens when you run out of clean drinking water? This is why it is important to stay prepared. With the Sawyer Filtration System, it allows you to have first-hand access to clean water. This high-performance filter fits in the palm of your hand and only weighs 2 ounces so it is easy to travel with. It can also filter up to 100,000 gallons of water so you always have clean water at your reach. The Sawyer Filtration system comes with a drinking pouch, standard disposable water bottle, hydration packs and a straw to drink directly from the water source.

8. The Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent Price: $139.99

When going backpacking and/or camping it is essential to have a quality tent at your disposal. The Lightspeed Ample tent comes with a lightspeed integrated pole system and poles are built into the tent. This eliminates the difficulty with the traditional tent with separate poles when building your tent. This tent comes with a large front door for easy access and has a separate rain fly attached in the conventional over the pole manner and can be easily removed. The Lightspeed Ample 6 tent also comes in two colors gray and red to suit your preference.

9. Docooler Sleeping Bag Price: $31.99

It is important to have a comfortable and portable sleeping bag for your backpacking adventures. The Docooler outdoor sleeping bag is ultra light and is perfect for hiking and backpacking trips. It is water-resistant, breathable and has a crease-proof fabric. It also is multifunctional and when you unfold the sleeping bag it can be used as a blanket. It can also become a double sleeping bag when you connect the two sleeping bags together. In addition, it comes in a 4-compression-strp bag allowing the sleeping bag to be compressed to minimum size for easy travel. The Docooler Sleeping Bag also comes in three colors dark blue, sky blue and orange.

10. Gerber Beat Grylls Fire Starter Price: $10.80

Fire starts are useful when you quickly want to start a fire and especially in an emergency situation. The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter is a great tool for just that. It is a compact fire starter with ferricerium rod and metal striker. It comes with a lanyard for the product to be secure and not to get lost. In addition, it comes with an emergency whistle, waterproof storage, and SOS instructions.

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