Get Toes Tapping: Shop Musical Instruments Online Anywhere with Reship

Get Toes Tapping: Shop Musical Instruments Online Anywhere with Reship
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A catchy tune will always get your toes tapping, and for everyone doing the tapping there's got to be somebody doing the singing. There also needs to somebody on the guitar, bass, and drums at the very least if you're going to start up your own Fab Four and see if catchy songs is something you've got a knack for. Creating original music is great when you have the talent for that, but playing your favorite cover songs with your friends in a just-for-fun band is pretty cool too. You may have eyes on America's Got Talent, or you may be content to be a lifelong garage band member.

Either way, you're a musician know and even if you are fledgling one you'll need an instrument or two and a quality microphone at the very least if you're a vocalist. Or a frontman as the case may be! Shopping online for musical instruments is standard for any musician because you're never going to get the same level of selection locally. That is especially true if you live in smaller town with only one local music store. Ordering musical instruments online is often the only way you can get exactly what you're looking for – and getting the best price on it.

Classical musician, pop songwriter, jazz cat, or rocker, they will probably have ordered from eBay or Reverb at least once before. Getting deals on used musical instruments online is an excellent way to get quality gear without paying full retail price. Musical instruments aren't like other consumer goods where people want them to be in pristine condition - instruments that get played get scratches and scuffs and that's just the way it goes. It's all about sound, not appearance. Maybe not the case if you're an original member of Josie and the Pussycats, but that's the way it is for the rest of us.

Play On: No Restricted Shipping Destinations

The hang up for people shopping music gear online is sometimes the same as it is for all sorts of consumer products; you find what you want, you like the price, you go to order and you find the product doesn't ship to me. So the question is how to get past international shipping restrictions. Let's take Reverb for example. The vast majority of instruments for resale online there are going to be located in the United States, and it's not uncommon for sellers to only be able to ship within the USA.

So let's say you're a six-stringer, drummer, or xylophonist in a different country. Do you give up on the purchase? Not if you're a Reship account holder. When you have an account you'll have a virtual mailing address and just like that like that there will be no international shipping restrictions. The seller may only be shipping within the US, but you have a virtual mailing address for international shipping now and the person who's got your new-to-you music gear will be shipping the parcel to Reship's US warehouse located in Portland, OR.

Grand pianos? Sure, but that'll cost a pretty penny for shipping obviously. A digital piano might be a smarter choice, and definitely if you live in an apartment or condo like most people in the world do nowadays. They're lighter, and if you get a Yamaha or Roland you're going to hear the quality and how the sound is comparable to a much larger acoustic piano. Tickling the ivories can happen on a much smaller and portable piano nowadays, and that's a good thing. So is different shipping for online shopping.

Easy and Easier

We'd be pleased if there were some of you who become aware of Reship for international package forwarding right after you've found out a seller doesn't ship to me. If that's the situation, the fastest and easiest way to get a virtual mailbox for online shopping is to download the Reship app. Setting up your account is simple, and the app makes it even simpler. We've talked about how to make no international shipping restrictions a reality, but let's also look at the flip side of the coin.

Buyers need sellers, and sellers need buyers. There may be some of you selling music gear online and you're starting to sell more of it and find that you need a better package forwarding solution. Reship is also ideal for B2C and B2B package forwarding and if you have a business – any business – and you send products abroad regularly you're going to want to look into Reship too. Who knows? Maybe you're selling 100 recorders to a school music program or something of the sort.

Those school music programs are invaluable with the way they introduce children to playing music, and so many of us have benefitted from that. Get the gear you need and don't worry about seller doesn't ship internationally when you've got your Reship account and virtual mailbox in USA, Canada, or the UK.

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