How to Get a UK Address for Shopping

How to Get a UK Address for Shopping
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With the rise of high-end brands in the UK, many shoppers from around the world want to access these exclusive brands without leaving the comfort of their homes. The easiest way to do so is with a UK address, however, given that many of us interested shoppers do not currently have one, the best solution is a service that provides a UK address along with a UK post forwarding to US service like ReShip. This guide will provide you with steps in “How to Set up your UK Post Forwarding to US”, options for “Where to Shop” and “Tips to Maximize your UK Address”.

How to Set up and Use your UK Post Forwarding to US

Step 1: Sign up for a ReShip account

All you have to do is visit reship register page to sign up for an account. Simply enter your name, email, and select your home country. All prices are quoted in the currency of your home country, so you do not have to convert. Once you sign up, you are given one US address, one Canadian address and one UK address. 

Step 2: Shop

Once you get your UK address for shopping, you can begin visiting your favourite UK online shopping sites and shop without a care. Remember to leave the currency and country as UK to access deals and products which may be restricted on the US version of the site.

See below for suggestions on where to shop! 

Step 3: Deliver to UK Address

Once you’ve filled your cart and are done shopping, simply plug in your UK address for your items to ship to. No more trying to figure out how to get things you like, with ReShip you get a UK address for shopping. 

Step 4: Choose courier

Once your items are delivered to your ReShip UK address, you will get a notification that you have packages awaiting your attention in your mailbox. At this point, you can choose to continue to shop more or select a courier to bring your parcel to your physical location. The best part is that you have control over which shipping service to use, this feature allows you to select whichever service works best for YOU.

See below for tips on how to maximize your UK address and get more from your UK post forwarding to US. 

Step 5: Get your parcel

The last and final step is simply waiting for your parcel to arrive at your front step! This is as easy as shopping from a local online store. You can select your home or your workplace, no more restrictions on how to enter your delivery address on a foreign online shopping store that does not understand your local address.

When you get a UK address for shopping, you want to make sure you are maximising your shopping experience so make sure to read below on how to do just that.

Where to Shop in the UK

Where to Shop in the UK

Once you get a UK address for shopping, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We have combined a short list of websites to check out when shopping for a gift or for yourself.

Toys and Games

Toys and games are a great option when trying to purchase a gift that is unique. Check out Pollocks where you will find an amazing selection of whimsical and nostalgic toys inspired by fairytales and stories of our childhood. They offer free shipping with a UK address once you meet a certain minimum, and next day delivery for a small fee. 

Harrods is another great website to visit, specifically their luxury games when shopping for adults and their luxury toys for children. Rumour has it that the Queen herself has shopped at Harrods!


When shopping for clothes, the UK offers many websites based on you are looking for. The most popular online store is Asos where you will have a choice of over 80,000 products to choose from for the entire family.

Another great store to check out is River Island, they offer many great promotions and free delivery options making it the perfect choice for shopping and using a UK post forwarding to US. Check out their “Inspiration” section to get ideas on how to stay in style and be fashion forward.

Department Stores

UK department stores have become such an integral part of British culture, that they have become the envy for those of us in the US. When shopping online, make sure to check out John Lewis as you will find everything from clothes to luxury stationaries. Shopping on John Lewis will leave you with the same satisfaction as if you had hopped on a plane to the UK.

An additional department store that is a must when shopping with a UK address is Marks & Spencer. Their exceptional selection will fill your cart in no time, make sure to check out their gifts & hampers section if shopping for a gift.

How to Maximize your UK Address

How to Maximize your UK Address

The best way to maximize your UK address is to take advantage of the consolidation feature offered on ReShip. This feature allows customers to combine multiple packages from various online shopping sites into one single package to save shipping cost. ReShip allows your items to stay in your mailbox for 60 days for no additional cost allowing you to continue shopping. Once done, select to consolidate! ReShip will remove excess packing from each item and combine it all in one easy to mail parcel ready to be shipped to you in the US.

BONUS: Assisted Purchase

Make sure to check out assisted purchase where you tell ReShip exactly what you want, and they will buy it for you, and have it delivered to your mailbox. This is particularly useful if the website requires a UK address for billing.

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