Tips For Australian's to Easily and Safely Use a UK Address for Online Shopping

Tips For Australian To Use UK Address For Online Shopping
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Online shopping is an ideal way to compare rates, find deals and save money. However, with its increasing popularity, there are many regional shipping restrictions as well as threats of increasing numbers seeking to compromise your information and take advantage of your data online. Luckily, you can have a safe and healthy shopping experience using a reputable fast-forwarding service such as ReShip. Not only will you be given a UK address for online shopping, but you will be able to shop with ease and safety.

What is ReShip?

Since transboundary e-commerce continues to mature, particularly in a country like Australia where the number of buyers participating in cross-border shopping is increasing, a demand for a UK address for online shopping services is also increasing. ReShip aims to provide an easy to use solution to easily and safely shop from anywhere in the world without boundaries.

Using ReShip, you will no longer be restricted if an online retailer does not deliver to your country. Sign up for an account and you will receive your own foreign shipping addresses (one located in the USA, one in Canada and one in the UK). You can begin shopping from online retailers instantaneously and allowing you to take advantage of sales and promotions offered locally from your favorite brands throughout the world.

Virtual Mailbox with UK Address

With a ReShip account, you will have a virtual mailbox address to enter on the delivery slot when needing a UK address for online shopping. Once your items are shipped, ReShip will receive and sign all parcels on your behalf. You will then be notified and details of your package along with a digital picture of the external package will be provided to you. You then can demand that the package be immediately shipped to you or ask for it to be held on to until further products get shipped as well before selecting them to be forwarded to you.

Assisted Purchase Orders

When needing a UK address for online shopping, safety is of the outmost priority, therefore not entering credit card information too many times is advised. Assisted Purchase offered by ReShip is a fantastic tool when shopping online from abroad as not only does it allow you to access goods which also require a UK billing address but it allows safe online shopping.

How does assisted purchase work?

Simply provide ReShip with the URL of the item and they will purchase it, have the item shipped to the UK address and allow you to choose when to forward the item to you overseas. This is fantastic as it allows you to buy and send items to your own UK address on your own time. The most important feature of the Assisted Purchase service is that you only entering your credit card information once on the internet and it is on a reputable website like ReShip. The least your card is used abroad, the least likely the chance of having your credit identity stolen.

ReShip will provide you with a quote prior to purchase, and only do so upon receipt of approval. If approved, your credit card will be charged for the fee with no hidden costs. If faced with any issues, ReShip will deal with the entire transaction on your behalf making the entire process of using a UK address for online shopping as safely, easy and worry free for you as possible.


The use of the UK address for online shopping which will then be sent to Australia is perfect as it allows you to shop from multiple retailers at ease. Your virtual mailbox comes with 60 days of free storage from first shipment allowing you to take your time while shopping. Once all your parcels have arrived, ReShip’s consolidation service would eliminate annoyance related to multiple sluggish and expensive shipment, as well as a need for removal of unwanted items prior to shipping.

The reality that plurality orders from various reseller can be combined into a single box before delivery to the buyer will save hundreds of dollars of money and make tracking easy. The consolidation service uses a single package and in order to do so, must remove unwanted products such as excess air or papers which can contribute to parcel weight and size, this will significantly reduce postage.

UK ReShip Address

The UK address for online shopping is located in a central location in the UK. The warehouse is staffed and secured 24/7 with ample security. The use ReShip’s UK address for online shopping ensures your privacy and safety and acts a shield. Using assisted shipping also promises that you will not be billed by a distributor or dealer for unwanted fees; you will only par for what you approve.

ReShip wants to make your experience using a UK address for online shopping as transparent as possible. You are given the UK address, can contact it once your parcel(s) arrive to the UK address. You will be given photos of the item as well as be allowed “special requests” should you have them. Your items will be stored free for 60 days in a secured environment. You can then choose to ship or wait to combine several products in one delivery. Once ready, you are provided a choice of fast, reliable, and cost-effective parcel shipping companies to choose from to get your items to your international home destination such as Australia. Reship allows you as the customer to have a say at every step of the way.

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