Shopping from South Korea

Shopping from South Korea
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From BTS to Squid Game to Pengsoo, it seems like the entire world is enamoured with South Korean cultural exports these days. And if you're aware of just how much creative goodness is coming out the small peninsular country in East Asia these days, that will come as no surprise. Of course we say small in the geographical sense, and not population. There's some 50+ million people living there, and that has made for one heck of an economic output as well as plenty of cultural exports too. Here's another thing to know about the Land of the Morning Calm – they also have the world's fastest Internet, and until recently a strange loyalty to Internet Explorer to go along with it.

That lightning-fast internet means even more enthusiasm for online shopping, but it is perfectly understandable if they want to expand their online shopping horizons beyond G Market and Coupang. All sorts of people living in different countries in Asia are keen to shop on, and Koreans are no exception. isn't the only giant online retailer, but there's no debating the fact that it's the most renowned one. If you've never ordered anything from Amazon you will be as much of a rarity as the blue lobsters that turn up off the East Coast of North America very infrequently.

But enough about crustaceans, we're going to stay on track here and talk about shopping from South Korea with this blog entry. It might be a good idea for anyone in Seoul, Incheon, Daegu, Busan, Daejeon, Donghae or anywhere else in this wonderful country full of friendly people to sign up for a Reship virtual mailbox. Especially if they're often ordering from Amazon and taking advantage of access to products they may not be able to get in Korea. You might think that won't be much, but sometimes it's about better prices ordering from the USA too.

Voracious for Vitamins

Take a look at the most popular consumer goods for import into Korea and you may be surprised that multivitamins are at the top of the list, followed by coffee machines, electrical toothbrushes, wine, and perfume. Granted this list was compiled in 2020, but it is likely little has changed since then. There's very few items of any sort you can't find in Korea, Japan, China, or Taiwan nowadays, but the extent of selection may be a different story. We live in a global community more than ever before, and it's fair to say that being able to shop confidently beyond the borders of your own country is something that should be a part of that.

But here we are in the 21st century with so many more ways to cater to our consumerism. Oftentimes the problem with global online shopping is that people will find a retailer online who is able to sell to them, but unable to ship to them based on where they are on the planet. If you're one of the 50 people who still inhabit Pitcairn Island it may be reasonable to understand you can't shop on and get your purchases shipped to you, but for others who live in modern metropolises on the other side of the Pacific it may be perplexing.

So the question then becomes how to get past International Shipping restrictions, and who is the best International package forwarding service? eBay and Amazon are two places where you are likely to hit the can't-ship-there roadblock, but with Reship you can have a virtual mailing address in US and this is the address you'll enter when completing your purchase.

Shopping on from Korea - or anywhere else -  it is as simple as this when you have a virtual mailbox and virtual mailing address in the USA for international shipping. It's the immediate fix to the problem, and all you need to do is sign up for your mailbox here at Reship.

Leave the Rest to Us

Your purchase will then be sent to our international package forwarding facility in the US (Portland, OR) and from there we have the means of getting it to you, pretty much anywhere on Earth. We have worked to have favorable shipping arrangements with major couriers and other transportation companies to be able to offer international package forwarding with the most competitive rates, and if you’re shopping on from Korea you can use our shipping calculator to determine what it will cost you to have Amazon purchases shipped to Korea.

Reship Calculator

Everyone here will know what is a virtual mailbox at this point, and likely convinced of the benefits of Reship if they are often shopping on from Korea. If you do decide you do want to get a virtual mailing address with us, then why not make it even easier to use our international package forwarding service by downloading the Reship App that is perfectly designed for managing your account and simplifying the process even more.

Take advantage of the current offer where you’ll get $10 off your first order when you download the App from Google Play for Android, and at the App Store for iOS.

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