Top 10 Sites to Shop Shoes Online USA Edition

Top 10 Sites to Shop Shoes Online USA Edition
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Your ultimate guide to the top 10 sites to visit if you want to shop shoes online USA!

Given the amazing selection of shop online USA shoes sites out there, finding the right store for you can be overwhelming. This list aims to provide you with a guide, from the cheapest to most expensive sites, on where to shop online for shoes. Gone are days that we are restricted by our physical location when trying to shop for shoes online; with you can get your very own USA address giving you access to exclusive USA only stores as well as qualifying for free shipping. The best part? Since your ReShip USA address is located in Oregon, you never pay a sales tax!

Budget Shoes

The definition of budget varies from person to person, but it safe to say that if one is able to find an online shop that sells shoes for roughly $10 to $40 then they’ve found a bargain. These online shoe sites are perfect if you are trying to save money or need a statement piece for an event.

1. Wholesale Fashion Shoes

  • Price: Average $10.88
  • Shipping: Specials and deals available on domestic shipping only

Number one on our list of where to shop shoes online USA edition is Wholesale Fashion Shoes This online shoe store is perfect when looking for the perfect pair of shoes that is in fashion and makes a trendy statement piece.  This site is by far one of the best budget online shoe store given that they are dirt cheap and offer a nice variety.

2. Go Jane

  • Price: Ranges from $8 to $170
  • Shipping: Offers free shipping over $75 to USA address

Although the range does go from very cheap to $100+, the average shoe on this site is between $20- $40 earning the number two spot of our budget list. At Go Jane you can find anything from heels to sneakers to boots. They offer a choice for any occasion and have an amazing selection of metallics, sparkles and pom-poms! Go Jane is one of the most adventurous places to shop shoes online USA.

3. Overstock

  • Price: Rages from $6 to $375
  • Shipping: $2.95 or free for orders over $50 for USA domestic shipping

Overstock is known for its selection of affordable homeware, but their wonderful selection of shoes earns them a spot on our list of top online shoe stores. They offer a variety for the whole family: women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoes and more! They offer a great balance of discounted designer shoes as well as affordable wear averaging at $40. Make sure to utilize their “deals under” section or select your price range in the categories to remain within budget.

4. 6pm

  • Price: From $6 to $1,257.99
  • Shipping: Only ships to USA address

6pm is America’s well-kept secret! Many do not know this, but 6pm is the outlet brand to Zappos. If you are interested in finding known brands like G by Guess, Steve Madden, Calvin Klein and Kate Spade New York amongst others at a discounted rate, make sure to check out 6pm. Their range does go all the way to over a thousand dollars, but the cap can be anything you set your maximum to. The average cost of shoes from 6pm is $40 making it a great pick for where to shop online shoes.

Mid-Price Shoes

The mid-price selection is for those wanting better quality or designer shoes without breaking the bank. Trying to keep the average to under a $100, the next 4 sites on our list will provide the best buck for your money.

5. Running Warehouse

  • Price: $20 to $250
  • Shipping: Free within USA

Running Warehouse is on the verge of budget and mid-prize as they offer items as little as $20 in their clearance section, however, given that the average for a good pair of shoes is $70-$80 it falls in our mid-price shoes. They only offer running shoes as their name suggests, but they make up for it by having a huge selection for women and men.

6. DSW- Designer Shoe Warehouse

  • Price: $20 to $450
  • Shipping: Only to USA and Canada shipping

DSW is a North American staple when shopping for shoes, so it’s no surprise that their amazing online shoe store makes it on our list. When trying to shop shoes online USA, an online shop like DSW is paradise as they offer everything from runners to stiletto; something for the whole family. With a choice of over 15000 shoes, DSW can satisfy any budget, but will average at $70 for a good pair of shoes that will last you a long time. Tip: check out their seasonal promotions as they will often offer 20% off and their clearance section to save on more money.

7. Nordstrom Rack

  • Price: $18 to $949
  • Shipping: Exclusively to USA and Canada

Nordstrom Rack is a must for anyone who is dying to get their hands on shoes from Nordstrom at over 60%-90% off the original price. This online USA shoes shop is heaven for anyone with a love for deals and designer shoes. Nordstrom’s focus on buying made in the USA products when possible is one of the reasons for their high price, but luckily Nordstrom Rack also carries many of these exclusive brands from their parent retailer. A notable mention is Haute Look, Nordstrom Rack’s sister company.

8. Zappos

  • Price: $18- $2924
  • Shipping: Free shipping to USA address

When trying to shop online USA shoes, it is no surprise that Zappos will be a must visit website. Their shoes section offers 73801 items to choose from for men, women, boys and girls, in a variety of styles and fits. Although you can find some fabulous bargains for under $20, or could come across their handmade in El Paso, Texas USA Lucchese boots for $2,924.95, your average shoe will be around $60-$100. Their “Narrow Choices” option along with the very detailed subcategories allow you to find the perfect shoe as if you were custom making it yourself. Zappos is definitely worth visiting when shopping for shoes online and with a USA address from ReShip anyone from anywhere in the world can access this elite store.

Expensive Shoes

Some may find the expensive shoes section the most surprising when it comes to cost; just because it looks expensive, it doesn’t mean it is...

9. Tie of Bloomindale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York

These high-end luxury retailers are worth checking out when shopping for shoes online. As all 3 of these wonderful stores offer similar brands, therefore all deserve to make it on our list of expensive sites to visit when wanting to shop online USA shoes. Their level of selection is unreal making them all a tie for the number 9 spot in our list!


  • Pricing: Between $75- $1600
  • Shipping: Free USA shipping on orders over $150

Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Pricing: From $40 to $3,995
  • Shipping: Standard Delivery $7.50. Free with code FREESHIP within USA

Barneys New York

  • Pricing: From $65 to $6,595
  • Shipping: Free domestic USA shipping

10. American Duchess

  • Pricing: $115 to $225)
  • Free shipping within the USA on orders over $165

Last but not least, although not the most expensive online USA shoes shop on our list, American Duchess is definitely the most unique. It earns it’s spot in our expensive section as its pieces will make you feel like royalty hence giving you expensive vibes without necessarily spending a fortune. American Duchess specializes in historical costuming shoes from the 16th to the 20th century. Their styles are elegant and do not feel too “costumey” making it perfect for when trying to find a one of a kind quirky statement piece.

To access their selection from around the world, make sure to sign up for your very own USA address giving you access to shop online shoes USA only stores, pay no sales taxes and become eligible for free shipping to your mailbox.

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