What is the Best Mail Forwarding (Shipping) to UK from USA

What is the Best Mail Forwarding (Shipping) to UK from USA
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It was the early 17th century when the first non-seafaring explorers who'd ever been to England made their way across the Atlantic on the Mayflower. They were travelling from the UK to the mass of land that was to eventually become America, and there were no belongings being ‘shipped' behind them. 400+ years tends to do a lot for technology and logistics, and nowadays people who live in the UK can get what they want from America without having to sail there. Shipping to UK from USA is entirely possible now, but it may not be as straightforward as people like.

There are plenty of online retailers in the USA that only ship within the Continental USA, and that means folks in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam are out of luck the same way those people in the UK are. But not necessarily – the best mail forwarding service to the UK is Reship, and more and more people are discovering how using a virtual mailbox means that international shipping restrictions can be bypassed. And once they've figured that out, they often wish they'd known about this ideal means of shipping to UK from USA sooner!

Well, better late than never and we've had plenty of customers sign up for an account with Reship and then express this same sentiment to our customer service team when making any type of inquiry. It's an equally good choice for businesses in the same way it is for individual, and we have some additional services that makes shipping in large volume from US to UK even more beneficial for businesses in the UK that need B2B shipping services to make these imports regularly.

You Name It

You can't ship absolutely everything using our international parcel and virtual mailbox service, but the list of restricted items will make perfect sense. Outside of those types of items, there's close to nothing you can't order from US online retailers and have shipped to the UK.  Sure, much of the time the retailer will be able to ship to you in your home country. It may cost a little more, but it is possible. If yours happens to be one of the ones that DOESN'T ship outside of the USA, then you're in the right place here at Reship.

Our virtual mailboxes overcome this problem by giving you a physical address rather than just a standard P.O. Box. For the retailer, this means there's nothing to question about the validity of where this order is going. The order will be going to a physical address in Portland, OR, and that's all they'll need to know. Once it's there, we have every means at our disposal to get it to you and that's what we do for ALL Reship account holders.

It will also go without saying that this can be a huge plus for people who are regular eBay sellers, or who are sellers on Amazon too and need to source inventory from the States. One of the items that's especially popular these days are popular brand T shirts at may be available nearly everywhere but the demand for them outside of the US isn't nearly met with supply. Let's say you're in London or elsewhere and you want to start offering them in the UK as an eBay or Amazon seller. Using Reship means you'll get the best price on importing products in large volumes and if international shipping restrictions are a problem – they won't be for long!

Add the fact we offer up 100 days of free storage, and this should be a pretty easy decision for anyone in a similar situation.

No Chunnel

The proximity of the UK to Continental Europe means that the Chunnel (Channel Tunnel) was always going to be a doable proposition, but you can be certain there's never going to be any roadway straight across the Atlantic Ocean. If it wasn't such an enormous distance and such a convenience had existed, then there'd be much more in the way of shipping options from US to UK, and we wouldn't need to have the favorable agreements we have with international freight forwarders like UPS, DHL, and others that mean discounted shipping rates for international shipping.

One more thing to mention in our discussion of shipping to UK from USA – in addition to all the advantages we've laid out here there's also the fact that buy using Reship USA account holders can help themselves to Portland's tax-free shopping. If you're buying products in bulk or larger quantities, this is going to a huge benefit to go along with all the others when you choose Reship.

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