Shipping To Ireland from USA

Shipping To Ireland from USA
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Is Shipping from US to Ireland a Thing?

PayPal released a Global Cross-Border Commerce Report which revealed some insights about the shopping habits of the Irish. According to research, Irish consumers are more likely to shop from international retailers than local domestic ones. The report specifically indicates that online consumers have spent up to €2.7 billion on foreign sites over the last 12 months, with half a million people reporting that they exclusively shop from foreign websites. But why such an inclination to shop abroad? The answer is simple: lack of options in Ireland turns consumers towards international websites.

The USA market is extremely in demand, not only by Irish people, but from people all around the world. This is due to the fact that they heavily dominate popular culture. Given these reasons, most people living in Ireland have thought about accessing their favorite shopping items from a USA retailer. However, one of the major barriers for those wishing to buy from the US is the lack of retailers which offer shipping from US to Ireland.

Why People in Ireland Prefer Shopping from the USA?

The influence of USA popular culture and achieving the American dream is a phenomenon dominating the world. This is one of the major reasons why people are drawn to USA retailers. The Irish have also particularly shown interest in purchasing from the USA due to the nature of the list below:

Better Prices

This is very obvious but given the choice to purchase better quality products at a lower price, is incentive enough to turn to foreign retailer. Irish consumers find domestic products expensive as compared to what’s available on the US market.

More Variety

The limited variety available on local sites and lack of access to goods online in Ireland has driven locals to look for products internationally. Even with the rise of e-commerce, local businesses in Ireland have not caught and tapped into this opportunity. It’s easier the Irish to find a product from a US website than searching for the same product locally.

What the Irish love buying from the USA?

The Irish love to travel and they spend a lot of their money on food and coffee, but when it comes to retail, clothes is what they spend the majority of their online shopping on and restrictions are around shipping cost to Ireland from USA. They tend to buy expensive new clothes every 3 months or so to stay at the pinnacle of what’s considered chic. Preference seem to be given to high-end statement pieces such a good pair of jeans, shoes and jackets. Achieving this look locally comes with a hefty price, therefore they are turning to Zara, Michael Kors, and Burberry from the USA as cheaper alternatives to what’s available domestically.

Although preference is given to clothes, other items such as jewelry, children’s clothing, electronics, mobile phones, accessories and home décor are also part what the Irish spend their money on online.

When one of your favorite USA websites does not provide options for shipping from US to Ireland, it can be disappointing but ReShip has got you covered! You will be provided with your very own USA address where you can ship your items to, once they have arrived, you simply select the option with the lowest Shipping cost to Ireland from USA.

How Does ReShip Help When Shipping to Ireland from USA?

ReShip is a mail forwarding service with the aim of providing a shopping experience without boundaries. It removes restrictions imposed by shipping and allows you to shop like a local. It offers a variety of different services aimed at making your shipping experience as easy as possible by:

By Providing a USA Address for Shipping

As you are provided with a USA Address, simply send your package to the ReShip warehouse and the rest will be taken care of.


Not only will you be saving money by having access to cheaper American good, but by using Reship USA, you will take advantage of Portland's Tax-free shopping. This will even further reduce you shipping cost to Ireland from USA.

Keeping Shipping Cost to Ireland From USA Low

Reship provides competitive shipping rates, helping save money on shipping parcels big and small. Your multiple packages are also all gathered and consolidated to decrease clutter and number of boxes in order to reduce the cost of shipping. This will allow you to pay for just one shipping fee.

Less Stressful

ReShip will take away the stress of shipping from US to Ireland by removing unnecessary details. It will allow you to stop stressing over order tracking and worrying about missing your package. Reship can handle all the shipping steps, allowing you -the customer- to simply leave easy special instructions for ReShip to follow up on and stress instead of you! The entire process is also easy; simply shop, send, and wait for your package to arrive.

Gift Shipping from US to Ireland

In order to assist with sending a present, ReShip offers Invoice Removal where the item is prepped for delivery. Picture of the items and box can also be sent to you so are kept in the loop. Reship can also gift wrap your item once arrived to the ReShip location prior to being sent to you or that special someone directly. ReShip will make sure that your package is perfect!

Shipping from US to Ireland does not have to be a complicated nor an expensive process. Simply visit ReShip to get your very own USA address and begin shopping. No more restrictions!

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