Poshmark Shipping from USA to UK?

Poshmark Shippping from USA to UK?
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The Poshmark app is only available in the USA and Canada with no international shipping. The secret to being able to shop on Poshmark from the UK is getting your very own USA address and then shipping from USA to UK. This guide aims to introduce UK shoppers to Poshmark and provide an international shipping address as the solution.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an app that acts as a digital marketplace for fashion, allowing sellers and buyers to come together and “share their love for fashion”. This platform allows users to sell and shop for gently used fashion items, from all over the USA from the comfort of their home, but make no mistake, Poshmark is not the Gumtree of the fashion industry. It is a high-end platform where both used and new fashions are sold for women, men and children with the main goal of making a la mode fashion accessible.

What can you find?

Poshmark has over 2 billion social connections, 25 million items uploaded and over 5 thousand brands. It is definitely a hub for fashion and provides something for everyone! Clothes, shoes, bags and more are offered for women, men and kids. You can customize any category with multiple subcategories to find the perfect item in your size and style.


You can also select to shop directly from any of the 5 thousand brands offered on Poshmark knowing there is a strict no fake items policy in place. If splurging on a big-ticket designer item over $500 USD (~£390), Poshmark offers Posh Authenticate. This will ship the item directly to the Poshmark headquarter where it will be authenticated by a team of luxury experts before being shipped to your international shipping address. You can shop in peace knowing that your new purchase is 100% authentic before it begins shipping from USA to UK.

Posh Community

A further reason why you should visit Poshmark is their sense of community. The aim is to create a space where individuals come together to connect over fashion. They do so by allowing buyers to follow sellers, like on Instagram, to create a personal fashion consultant relationship. 

They also allow users to join online Posh Parties centered over various themes to connect buyers and sellers searching for specific items. Participating in Posh parties from the UK is no different than anyone locally. The only difference is that once your item is delivered to your US address, you select a courier for shipping from USA to UK.

Who’s on there?

The typical shopper on Poshmark is a trendy, budget-conscious fashion lover. They are only in the US and Canada and now in the UK with the help of an international shipping address. The closets of fashion bloggers, reality stars and celebrities are open just like any regular sellers.

Serena Williams speaks to why she joined Poshmark in the new ad for the app and how proceeds from her closet will be going to YPRC LA. Other famous closets on Poshmark to raise funds for charities include the likes of Ashton Kutcher for Thorn, DJ Khaled for Get Schooled and more. The transaction allows the buyer to purchase a second hand item from a celebrity at a fraction of the cost, know the proceeds will go to a great cause and be eco-friendly by reusing clothes and reducing waste.

Environmental Aspect

Why should you shop on Poshmark? Besides saving over 70%, and finding unique items, the environmental impact of buying used is a major incentive to shop used. According to Fixing fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability published by the UK Parliament UK shoppers consume 26.7kg of new clothing. It further says that buying pre-loved items can have a reduction in carbon emission. This is an incentive to shop for quality items instead of from cheap fast-fashion outlets.

Shipping from USA to UK

Shipping is currently only offered within the USA when shopping on Poshmark.com. Orders are shipped all over the country using expedited USPS Priority Mail for a flat rate of $6.79 USD (~£5.28) and free delivery for items $500 USD (~£390) and above. This prevents UK shoppers’ from accessing over 25 million gently used quality items. ReShip’s solution to get around shipping restrictions is through the use of an international shipping address.

Shipping from USA To UK With Reship

When you sign up for a ReShip account, you get an international shipping address from all 3 of facilities - in Canada, the UK and the USA. When shopping on Poshmark, enter the USA address provided as the shipping address. Once the items have arrived, you will receive a notification of delivery and will be able to select shipping from USA to UK.

No USA Sales Tax with ReShip

UK buyers using ReShip to get an international shipping address while shopping on Poshmark are exempt from the USA sales tax. Usually buyers are responsible for state and local sales tax on items purchased and shipped within the USA from Poshmark. The amount is set based on type of item, shipping cost, and buyer’s address. The US address provided is in Oregon – one of the only 5 states with no sales tax.

Storage and Consolidate

You Poshmark purchase will have 60 free storage days when delivered. You can continue shopping on Poshmark, other US retailers or take advantage of online big sale day events before shipping from USA to UK. If you have two items or more delivered to your US address, ReShip removes excess packaging from each and combines them into one single parcel ready for shipping from USA to UK.

Save on Shipping fees

The consolidation service saves you from paying more than one shipping fee. You can also save money when choosing a delivery company by picking the one with the cheapest international shipping fees. Visit ReShip’s shipping calculator for estimates.

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