Shipping from USA to Canada

Shipping from USA to Canada
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People in different provinces of both US and Canada can cross borders with little hassle. It is even a very common situation for people living close to the borders in Canada to go to the USA to buy their daily groceries. However, it might not be very easy for many people to travel all the way to the USA to shop for their favorite brands on the other side of the border. So, in this article we are going to talk about the nitty-gritties of shipping from USA to Canada- what are the things you should take care of and what could be the best option that you can opt for.

Well, having a knowledge of the shipping rates and a virtual address in the USA can be quite handy in this case if you want to buy something from USA and are planning to ship it from USA to Canada.

What are the things that people mostly look for while shipping from USA to Canada?

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We know a lot of people in Canada prefer to buy from USA and people do prefer affordability as one of the major factors while looking to ship from USA to Canada. While cost is considered to be one of the important factors, you should always check cost in correlation with several other factors. There are a few points that should never be missed while choosing shipping from USA to Canada.

4 important things that should be considered while shipping from USA to Canada

1. Hidden Costs - Though many companies offer cheap parcel forwarding from US to Canada, one should be wary of the hidden costs. You must compare all your options and see which company is most transparent about its terms.

For example, you might think that you will be charged based on weight of your parcel, but actually you are charged based on something known as volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is computed based on your parcel's dimensions I.e., length, width, and height. How is Volumetric Weight Calculated? Or What is Volumetric Weight?

Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying length, breadth and the width of your parcel and then dividing it by the dimensional weight divisor. This dimensional weight divisor is different for different carriers. For example, if you are using a shipping service from US to Canada via FedEx and UPS, the dimensional divisor used by them is 139 for 1728 cubic inches. While if you choose one of the shipping forwarders  from US to Canada that has a tie up with DHL and USPS- they use a DIM of 166 for 1728 cubic inches. To know more about DIM Weight. Click here.

Now if you divide the multiplied factor of length, breadth and weight of your parcel with the DIM, you will get the volumetric weight.

We at Reship, make sure to be upfront about the cost of shipping from US to Canada. Our different partners might charge differently and can charge based on volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is higher. Here at Reship, we are clear about our commitments.

Hence, before choosing a US to Canada Shipping service, make sure you do not get any sudden surprises in terms of costs from the shipping forwarder you choose.

2. Ease of service- Some shipping forwarders might provide you with certain extra facilities that might reduce your actual shipping cost and protect you from other hassles. For example, at Reship you get at least 3 days of free storage depending on your parcel size, even if you are choosing the “Free Plan”. Other things that you can choose are assisted shopping services. The assisted shopping services will make your experience of buying from USA to Canada a simple one. You just need to let us know about what you want to shop for, and the rest is all taken care of by Reship, whatever it be, purchase or shipping from USA to Canada. While using Reship services you can also get package consolidation if you shop from different brands or vendors. Package consolidation can help you further reduce the shipping cost from USA to Canada.

3. Transparency - Another factor to consider while choosing shipping from USA to Canada is transparency. How often can you get updates about your parcel from your freight forwarder and are they clear about their policies? For example, at Reship you can know about the list of prohibited articles easily and make a choice whether you want to buy from US to Canada or not. Also, you can get an estimate of your shipping cost by using our shipping calculator . Hence, you should always choose a transparent freight forwarder from US to Canada.

4. Support - Next big thing to take care of is the support you get from the freight forwarder that you are choosing. Some US to Canada shipping services providers might not even have a good online presence and cost you less. However, some like Reship are reasonable and provide great support as well. You can reach out to us easily either via phone, email or social media.

So, for those who opt for buying from USA to Canada frequently, parcel forwarding services could be a great choice, especially with Reships No Sales Tax Address. You must make sure that the parcel forwarding services they use are not only cheap but efficient as well. You will have to make a trade-off between various factors, but it would be easy to decide based off choosing parcel forwarding services if you can decide upon your priorities based on what you are planning to ship from USA to Canada.

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