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The Best Way to Ship to England From the US
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During the early years of World War II the Merchant Navy that kept Britain supplied from North America was of critical important to the Brits resisting the Nazi advance. Thank heavens for all the peace we've enjoyed since those days, and it seems these days people are more concerned about the high cost of living rather than air raid sirens. Seemingly everything is expensive these days, and that means less disposable income for people. You still want what you want though, and if you're in the UK and buying products from America then you'll want the least expensive way to ship to England from the US. That's Reship.

If you’re ordering from a retailer, eBay seller or anyone else who doesn’t ship outside of the US then you don’t have to give up on that purchase. You can still have it ship to England from the US though, provided you have a Reship virtual post box in the USA. Turns out we have one, and EVERYONE across the pond is welcome to use it to have their packages send to the UK, even if the seller doesn’t ship to the UK. Add the possibility of paying less in the ways of customs, duty, and excise taxes (no guarantee) and this is far and your best choice on how to ship to the UK.

This can be for nearly ANYTHING you want to order, and it’s really great for people like musicians who like eBay but also buy equipment from Reverb and there’s all sorts of other types of online bid and buy sites where some sellers may only ship locally. If locally means in Canada, the US, or the UK then you’re all good to go ahead and place the order if you’re signed up with Reship. Ship to England from the US? No problem, we can do that for you.

Get Your Virtual Address

Virtual reality is all the rage these days, and the way you can so immersed in a virtual environment like that is crazy the first time you try one of those VR headsets. This might be a good example of exactly the type of product you might want to order from a US-based retailer to have shipped to England from the US. And with the worldwide semiconductor chip shortage still going if you can find a PlayStation 5 in the States for less than half-a-grand then maybe that's something you might want to have on its way too.

Here at Reship we couldn't make a semiconductor chip if we tried, but what we do have if favorable agreements with certain big dogs in the global shipping business. That includes FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Plus if you're an eBay seller yourself one of things you may like to know along with how to ship to the UK is that you can use Reship is a remote return depot for products returned from outside your home country of operation. Businesses can get 30 days of free storage too, and you should keep checking this space in the event of a referral program for Reship.

If you need to ship to England from the US you can bet there are all sorts of people who’ll want to do the same thing regularly, and eventually it may be that Reship has virtual mailboxes elsewhere around the globe too. The move towards online shopping is one that’s going to continue to pick up steam and with more people than ever making their purchases online a service like ours where you can save money on international shipping is going to be popular.

Whatever you Fancy

Some expressions are very British, and ones where ‘fancy’ replaces ‘like’ as the verb are great examples. There may be a lot of stores available only in North America that English folks fancy, and by using your Reship virtual address any ship to England from US problems you may encounter will no longer be a problem.

This can apply to items of any size and quantity, of course being aware that you will have increased shipping charges in most of those instances. But it will most certainly still be a really good choice, and if you're buying in quantity, you're still going to get the products to your door for less when using Reship. How to ship to the UK? If standard options aren't available to you then take a long look at us.

Here are the 10 most popular consumer electronics brands among millennials in the UK, and you can bet that some of the many people looking to make purchases will be evaluating whether they can get a better price on them on eBay or from an online retailer in the States.

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