2021 – The Year for Getting Holiday Gift Orders in Early

2021 – The Year for Getting Holiday Gift Orders in Early
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There are thousands of consumer goods that people typically wouldn't give as Christmas gifts. Conversely there are many thousands of others that do qualify as gifts that could potentially go under the tree. We've all heard the expression the early bird gets the worm, but the only person who might be pleased to get worms for Xmas would be a trout fisherman.

So let's go ahead and assume that no one is giving anyone anything like that for Christmas. But you still may need to be the early bird if you want to get whatever it is you're planning to give as Christmas gifts. That's especially true here as 2021 draws to a close, and it is creating a scenario where consumers should be getting orders in as soon as possible if they want to be able to wrap up these gifts before the evening of December 24th.

Read through recent news and you'll almost certainly come across articles that point out how international supply chains are majorly disrupted and struggling to re-establish themselves. Much of this is related to how the COVID-19 pandemic threw the biggest of wrenches into logistics for manufacturers and retailers, as well as the companies who provide the transport of these goods. In many ways it is the biggest of messes, and the negative economic effects of the disruption are reverberating all over the world.

This year it is possible that large numbers of parcels may not arrive at their destinations before Christmas because of these ongoing shipping delays. We are encouraging Reship members who have plans to order products and have them shipped through Reship for Christmas to do so as soon as possible.

Our Advantage, Your Advantage

Reship members have a BIG advantage with our international parcel forwarding service. Not only does having a Reship virtual mailbox mean you are able to get around international country shipping restrictions, but we can also speed up the process by shipping orders more expediently. This is in part because we have favorable agreements with major courier and freight forwarding providers. That's an ongoing advantage for you, but it is still going to be important to place your orders through Reship now in order to be assured of receiving them before Christmas.

Your virtual mailing address for international shipping goes a long way in getting you better access to goods purchased online and from out of country. However, if the products are slow to leave the retailer's location because of logistics backlogs or take an extended period of time in transit, there's not much we can do to counter that and still offer a reasonable delivery timeframe.

That's going to be true whether you use Reship or not, but - if you can be something of an early bird and get your orders in now - you'll greatly increase your chances of receiving your order before Christmas.

Note Holiday Shipping Deadlines

We are not the only international parcel forwarding service provider who's had to make changes to our estimates for deliveries at the end of 2021. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up November 26th and 29th. If you're planning to get shopping deals on those days then it's going to be best to have your shipments processed as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of a pre-Christmas delivery.

It will be helpful to keep a similar deadline date in mind when it comes to placing orders through Reship. UPS is one of the big shippers we have working agreements with, and their ordering date suggestions can be good information for Reship users too. For standard shipping outside of the country users are already being urged to visit the website to check holiday shipping deadlines, and that applies to Canada too. Keep in mind that a part of what allows Reship to offer the best international parcel shipping rates is using standard services from these big shipping giants.

Not intending to put undue pressure on you, but if getting your gifts in time for Christmas is important then you'd do well to place orders through Reship as soon as you can.

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