Expanded Horizons for Package / Freight Forwarding with Reship App

Expanded Horizons for Package / Freight Forwarding with Reship App
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Everyone is going to want something or need something from time to time. Whatever you need might be related to work, and the things you want might be for a favorite activity or to add to a collection. Older generations only had the choice to shop locally. It's great how the digital world has expanded horizons for people with their online shopping and with the new Reship App you also have expanded horizons for where can buy or ship products and have packages delivered to you. A virtual mailbox means no country shipping restrictions, and for a lot of people that's going to sound really good.

When we first started our package forwarding service in 2018 we knew there was going to be a real rush of interest in what we're able to offer people. We had many people sign up for their virtual shipping mailbox right away and it's been full steam ahead ever since then. Making the new Reship app available to people already using their virtual address for shipping was something that needed to happen. We knew that having the convenience of managing your Reship orders from your smartphone was going to sound really good too.

You'll have all the same control and functionality on mobile, and you'll be able to do all the same things you do as a Reship member:

  • Shop stores that don't ship to your country, and get past international shipping restrictions with a virtual mailbox in Canada, the US, and the UK
  • Consolidate orders / packages to save on shipping
  • Get a quote on shipping right from your phone with our smart shipping calculator
  • Get easy-to-share tracking links for Amazon seller shipping, eBay seller shipping or international B2B package forwarding
  • Get regular shipment status updates via carriers we work with, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail and others
  • Get push notifications when you package arrives at your virtual shipping address and is ready for reshipping
  • Plus more

Keep in mind that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up soon and there's going to be plenty of online shopping deals to be had. Make sure you're not impeded with your Holiday online shopping by using Reship, and make sure you don't have any similar one to these Black Friday Shopping Horror Stories

Virtual Address to Physical Address

Having someone give up trying to order something on eBay because the seller doesn't ship outside of the country has happened way too many times already. Reship has put an end to that, and it's not surprising our no country restriction shipping service has become as popular as it has. We're tops when it comes to package forwarding, and we are great for Amazon sellers that want the best and most reliable and affordable way to get packages to customers who've made purchases from their online store.

Here's another convenience you'll have on your smartphone when you download the Reship app – our assisted purchasing service for items over $500 when you're unable to make a purchase with your international credit card. We can take care of that for you, and again you can do that from anywhere and anytime as long as you're online with your phone and using the new Reship app.

Why Wait?

If you already have a Reship account and are already taking advantage of your virtual mailbox, why not put the app on your phone and make it even more convenient to make purchases online and not have to put the purchase aside because they don’t ship to where you are. Your virtual shipping address lets us get the package for you and then we reship it to your home address. No fuss, no hassle and you’re going to find we have very favourable rates for shipping too.

Download the Reship app today at the App Store or Google Play Store and make it WAY more likely that you can always get what you want AND need.

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