Online Shopping USA

Online Shopping USA
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Given the extensive selection of UK online retailers, it is hard to understand why someone living there would shop from abroad. However, British consumers are increasingly turning towards overseas retailers for their fashion needs especially on online shopping USA websites.  This is due to the wider selection offered, along with access to items released in the USA earlier than in the UK. Items that ship USA also tend to be cheaper for Brits given the fact that American businesses face a lower cost of operation than in the UK. The exchange rate also gives Brits another incentive for online shopping USA. 

Some American websites do offer international shipping or even UK versions of their own websites, however, the UK version ends up being much more expensive. This is because retailers’ price their goods based on the local market and keep rates at par with goods offered domestically. In order to save money while online shopping USA, people in the UK need to ship USA address. This can be done by having access to their very own ship USA address.

How to Ship USA?

In order to overcome restriction faced when online shopping USA from the UK or to take advantage of great US prices, ReShip is the solution! will give you your very own US mailing address in order to take advantage of ship local promotions and not pay local taxes as the USA address is located in a tax-free state: Oregon. Once your shopping has been shipped to your USA address, ReShip will also allow you to consolidate your packages and only pay for one courier fee to get your items from your US address to your physical address at home. What are you waiting for, start shopping!

Here is a List of Online Shopping USA Sites to Visit:


Macy’s is one of the largest and most recognizable department stores in the United States. Given their popularity, it is no surprise that they now offer international shipping. You can find just about anything here from clothes, shoes, bags, lingerie, cosmetics, accessories and much more. They will often also have seasonal promotions and great deals. Their amazing prices and selection is what makes shopping from Macy’s always worth it.

Price: Starts at $15 USD but averages at $50 USD

Shipping: International shipping offered, Free local shipping on purchases over $75

USA to UK Comparison:

  • The Calvin Klein Lock Leather Bucket Bag in Walnut/Gold is priced at $198.00 USD combined with the free shipping and a 30% off promotional code, it comes to $138.60 USD (~£108). The same bag was not offered on the UK version.
  • The MICHAEL Michael Kors Camille Satchel in Black/Gold is retailed at $141.75 USD and qualifies to free shopping. This comes to $141.75 USD roughly ~£110 all in, but the same bag is retailed at £116.35 in the UK and comes to £160.60 with taxes and shipping fee. The difference in total cost is around £50.00.


If you are a makeup lover, you have definitely heard of Sephora. They specialize in cosmetics, skincare, beauty, body, nail care products, makeup, and fragrances. Make sure to check out the Beauty Insider Community as it is one of the world’s largest beauty forums.

Price: Starts at $10 USD but averages at $60 USD

Shipping: No UK shipping, Spend $50 For Free Shipping

USA to UK Comparison: As it is not offered in the UK, the comparison cannot be done as Brits simply do not have access to these exclusive products.

Michael Kors

The gorgeous Michael Kors handbags create timeless quality looks at an affordable price. Their chic and luxurious style is marked by clean lines making them chic and luxurious. A favorite in North America due to its many stores in outlet malls.

Price: Bags starts at $70 USD but average $150 USD

Shipping: International website available for shipping

USA to UK Comparison: An example would be the difference in price of the Jet Set Medium Quilted Leather Camera Bag. It is retailed at $198 USD coming to $203 USD (~£147) after domestic shipping when online shopping USA, however, it is £195 on the UK site.


Target is not only of the biggest names in the USA, it is also one of the staples of everyday life. They offer good value for money, provide family-friendly service and products, and always have useful and familiar items. Target products will not last you a lifetime, but they will give you just what you need right now.

Price: As little as $1 USD, but fashion averages at $20 an item

Shipping: Only available in USA, Canada and Mexico

USA to UK Comparison: Since it does not ship to the USA, it is hard to compare, but Targets are as accessible as Boots, a comparison of the NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation from both stores show a difference in price. On Target USA, it is retailed at $10.49 USD (~£8.15) but on Boots it is £15.00.


The style at Express falls in right in the middle of where classy meets fun. This go to stop have everything from your first job interview outfit to you lets kick back in relax clothes and let’s not forget to the perfect outfits for weekend parties. This is your one stop shop as a young adult.

Price: Sales start at $10 USD but items average at $40-60 USD

Shipping: Free standard shipping on orders $50. International shipping available to the UK at the rate of $25.00 USD for standard delivery and $60.00 USD for express shipping – pun intended.

USA to UK Comparison: Online shopping USA will give you access to international shipping from the US website, however not all items are eligible for International Shipping. A frustrating example us the highly sought-after Golden State Warriors Nba Fleece Foil Graphic Hoodie.


If you are in search of something extremely peculiar and unique, chances are it is probably only available on Etsy. It is a perfect place to shop vintage, home décor, shoes, clothes, personalized jewelry, craft supplies, art and collectibles and the list goes on and on.

Price: Starts as cheap as $1 USD here and goes to over $50K USD… you can find anything at any price

Shipping: UK version of site available

USA to UK Comparison: Since it is sold by individual vendors, accessing vendors abroad while online shopping USA will open up a whole new world for those in the UK.

How to Benefit from Online Shopping USA?

When trying to spice up your wardrobe or simply looking for a classic piece, the world is limitless with ReShip’s aim of creating a borderless shopping experience. The best way would be to shop and ship USA and forward your items to you in one single delivery, with once single international shipping fee. What are you waiting for, start shopping!

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