How to Shop and Ship Canada

How to Shop and Ship Canada
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One of the most frustrating things as Canadians is being able to view online shopping sites from major retailers around the world, but not being able to purchase given our physical location. Many sites do not ship to Canada, and if they do their selection is extremely limited. Given the lack of choices available to us along with the high cost of shipping here, Canadians are forced to only shop locally or spend thousands of dollars travelling to shop. However, it does not have to be this way. Using ReShip, Canadians have the ability to shop from anywhere in the US or Europe from the comfort of their home and ship to Canada directly.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up with ReShip, you are given a physical address in the US, Canada or the UK. This will be a real address with a specific suite number unique to you at a real facility; not a PO Box unlike other sites. This will act exactly as a home address and allow you to shop at any local stores. Once you are done shopping and your items are delivered to you ReShip address, you can choose from a list of discounted rates as to how you would like it delivered to you. It’s as simple as that!

What are the benefits of using ReShip?

Accessing Items that don’t Ship to Canada

The most important benefit is being able to access products that would not normally ship to Canada. Even sites like Amazon that have specific versions for each country restrict the access of Canadians. On and, you are provided with a vast number of items that you would never be able to ship to Canada. ReShip allows you to shop without restrictions and ship items to a local address, where you can then redirect your package to you.

Shipping Choice

A convenient feature of ReShip is that once your item arrives to your address, you have the ability to pick and choose which courier you select for your delivery. Some online stores only allow international shipping through their shipping company of choice, but those may be extremely expensive. With ReShip, you can shop and ship to Canada in peace using the courier of your choice. The site allows you to get a quote from various companies, so you remain in control based on size and wait time for your package.

Sales Tax

As ReShip allows you to ship to a direct location in the USA, you can receive packages tax-free as opposed to paying these fees. This feature is attractive to Canadians as we are already responsible for so many taxes on our end and this helps us save some money and shop some more.


This is a great feature that saves hundreds of dollars in international shipping fees. If you are lucky enough that a retailer is offering international shipping, you will however be stuck with paying that hefty shipping price from each retailer. The beauty of ReShip is that you can shop from multiple sites, deliver to your address and ReShip will take your multiple packages and combines them in one. They will decrease the clutter, so you are only paying for one international shipping fee.


Another great benefit is that ReShip allows you to shop without a time restriction so you can purchase one thing and have 60 days of free storage before you ship to Canada. During this time, you can take your time to continue to shop and take advantage of free shipping promotions. ReShip does not rush you and even if you are needing to store the items there longer than the 60 days, you can do so for a small fee. The flexibility allows you to take your time and shop and ship to Canada at your own convenience.

Shopping Online for Gifts

What further sets ReShip apart from other companies, is that they are able to assist when you are shopping online for a gift to ship to Canada. ReShip offers a service where they remove invoices if need be and will also gift pack your item. This saves you time and allows you to get gifts all ready without the hassle.

Whatever YOU need

What makes using a service like ReShip so great is that they are here for you and want the easiest online shopping experience for their customers. You simply have to tell them your request and they will fulfil it. ReShip also provides a service where you can request pictures of your package, so you know exactly how it’s coming to you.

Assisted Purchasing Program

Sometimes navigating online shopping sites can be time consuming or frustrating so ReShip provides an Assisted Purchasing Program. This service allows you to simply tell them what you want, and they can make all the purchase arrangements for you. It’s like having your own shopping assistant. This is particularly great help with sites that only allow a local billing address for credit card payments.

Shop and Ship to Canada from the comfort of your home has never been so easy, as Canadians we now have the ability to have the world at the tip of our fingers.

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