How to Ship to UK Address from your US Business

How to Ship to UK Address from your US Business
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Many US businesses would like to venture in the UK and Europe market but due to the cost and regulations, and uncertainty with Brexit, are not able to. The only way to tackle this market is to offer international shipping. How to ship to UK address from your US business does not have to be complicate or costly. With the help of ReShip’s B2B service, US businesses can open up their products to a bigger market.

Why the UK market?

According to Statisca, the UK eCommerce market amounts to US$78,903m in 2019, with 96% of total online purchases being made from domestic retailers. It is expected that by 2023, the number of users in the eCommerce market will reach 63.2m.

The UK market is the perfect market to infiltrate digitally as their inclination towards eCommerce is already in place. What will prevent US businesses from fully tapping into this market will be the question of how to ship to UK address in a cost effective, efficient and accessible way.

What is currently preventing UK consumers from shopping from US businesses is the cost of shipping and the cost of returns. If the consumer is aware of US address forwarding services, they are able to access American products, but what would truly benefit US businesses is to take advantage of B2B and partner with ReShip to tackle this market without the client making a conscious decision to shop abroad; they would simply be shopping from a business that happens to be based out of America.

Reship's B2B Service

ReShip’s Business to Business (B2B) service provides a custom logistics solution for businesses wanting to venture globally.

Discounted Shipping Rates

One of the biggest aspects of US businesses wanting to know how to ship to UK address is finding out what shipping methods are currently offered domestically that customers are drawn to. Many domestic online retailers offer free or extremely cheap shipping, US businesses must understand this local shipping culture and try their best to keep shipping cost low. 

In order to reduce abandoned carts and provide incentive for first time buyers or one item shoppers to actually place an order, some US businesses may opt to remove extra costs or provide discounted international shipping rates. Partnering with Reship provides US businesses access to competitive shipping rates; lowering the cost and attracting more customers. 

Some examples of parcel delivery companies that offer discounted shipping rates to UK addresses for US address forwarding and B2B clients are:

  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • DHL

Assisted Storage

Perhaps a better solution to the cost dilemma of international shipping when trying to learn how to ship to UK address would be to have a physical location in the UK to ship from. Acquiring a warehouse or storage facility in the UK may seem unattainable but with the help of ReShip this can be an easy and effortless reality.  

How Does it work?

The assisted storage program offered by ReShip to B2B clients, provides a physical location at any of their overseas facilities. This acts as a local storage for the international business where inventory can be shipped from directly; the ReShip UK address is located in Blakelands, Milton Keynes a central location perfect for nationwide access. 

US businesses can ship their inventory to their UK storage facility directly from the manufacturer or from their US storage facility. This results in one international shipment instead of small parcel deliveries for each order, providing shipping saving of over thousands and thousands of dollars. 

This will allow for the business to choose if they would like to consolidate their orders before shipping to their overseas warehouse or to store items there so that when orders arrive, they can offer more effective delivery options. Using ReShip’s assisted storage facility provides a worry-free solution to having a physical presence in the UK.

No Obligation

The assisted storage also allows US businesses to have an overseas warehouse without having to commit. They are able to use this service as needed without a set fixed term contract; this allows them the luxury of increasing and decreasing their inventory based on profitability of the UK market. This removes the financial burden of having to acquire a facility, apply for permitting, hire employees and overall site management for the US business. This gives US businesses the flexibility of walking away commitment free and providing their merchandise via ReShip’s US address forwarding only, if sales are not financially rewarding.

100 Days of Free Storage

ReShip providing a local overseas storage allows the US business to figure out how to ship to UK address using cheap, local parcel delivery services. Having a UK storage facility allows the opportunity to provide faster or next day delivery instead of the lengthy time it would take to ship to a UK address from the US business’ warehouse directly. This is also a reason why some prefer shopping locally instead of using a US address forwarding service. 

The B2B US client will also have access to discounted shipping rates offered through ReShip, allowing for even cheaper delivery and rendering them as an equal competitor within the local online shopping industry. The assisted storage also provides an amazing solution for returns as it acts as a domestic depot for clients to return items to; the cost of having to return to a US address could potentially discourage a sale in the first place.

Why not try it?

The ReShip provides a commitment free solution to US business’ trying to venture into the UK market. Be it a new attempt to sale in the UK or seeing the demand from their use of US address forwarding services, ReShip provides US businesses with many easy solutions when trying to determine how to ship to UK address. So why not give it a try! Contact ReShip to find out how the B2B service can help your business grow in the UK!

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