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How to Buy from Amazon in Canada
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As a multinational retail giant, Amazon – as well as many of the company's more niche online stores – provide a domestic website which allows for local shipping. However not all Amazon branded stores are the same: because not all products listed on the different website are the same. As a result, customers from around the world turn to other international Amazon websites to fill that void and shop for whatever it is that they need. What is neat about is that many of the same goods offered on from the US are also offered on the Canadian version however with a lower price given the exchange rate.

The Canadian Amazon is grossly underrated. Online shoppers from around the world are missing out and are not aware it offers far superior selection to other Amazon divisions in other countries. They have a wider range of products and offer more deals and promotions to encourage customers to continue shopping. Amazon Canada is also amazing with their black Friday deals, and often begin on November 1st. Given this, many consumers ask how to buy from Amazon in Canada from abroad and the answer is a lot easier than they think.

Shipments, Handling and International Limitations to How to Buy from Amazon in Canada

While the majority of Amazon shop fronts offer international delivery, UK citizens wishing to buy Amazon Canada should be aware that not all items may be shipped abroad, either on account of legal constraints or logistical matters.

At the same time buyers will note, even when the buyer is an Amazon Prime Partner, that Amazon Canada's order would incur international shipping costs. If you pay using an account with UK pounds you could also be required to pay Amazon's currency exchange rates. Just because international shipping to the UK is offered directly from Canada, it does not mean that it is convenient. 

Most beauty products, some electronics, all medications and various flammable products cannot be transported internationally, and for obvious reasons extremely heavy products cannot be distributed internationally either.

Challenges in How to Buy from Amazon in Canada

The main constraint is the shipping address. Even if the item you are looking for is not restricted at the border for delivery to the UK, the website may say “does not ship to your region” be default. Another annoying aspect is that it will keep trying to bring you to your local website even when specifically trying to stay on the Canadian version. The easier way is to shop on the website without mentioning your local UK address. This way you can see items as if you were in Canada at that very moment yourself.

How to Buy from Amazon in Canada

If you need to ship Amazon items not offered with international shipping option, an address in Canada is required. Traditionally to do this, one had to ask for the address of your friends or relatives living in Canada so that they could purchase Amazon items from their respective countries on your behalf. This is not only inconvenient, but it is also not a possibility for all.

First of all, you will need a Canadian address to shop Amazon Canada and ship to the UK. Using ReShip you can get you very own Canadian shipping address which will look something like this:

Suite #214 - N###### (followed by numbers: 000000)
19138 26th Ave
Surrey BC, V3Z 3V7

When you proceed to checkout with all of the selected items you wish to purchase in your Amazon shopping cart, you should indicate your complete ReShip Canadian address and your own name at check-out. Amazon will deliver the order to your safe ReShip address at the Canadian warehouse as if it is a local home address. Once all the goods have been received by ReShip, you can then get going on getting your item over to you at home in the UK.

How to Buy from Amazon in Canada and Forward to UK?

Once the items are at the ReShip wharehouse, and you are given the option to start getting your item. You should look at what other services and perks are offered to you. ReShip aims to remove the hassle and high costs of international shopping. Many services are provided to make the lives of shoppers easier by providing a solution to border restrictions and provide a consolidation service to further reduce cost. The aim of consolidation is to combine all your parcels into one for delivery. 

Another benefit is that they provide assisted shopping for when your UK card is not accepted on the Amazon Canada website. Simply provide a link to the sough after item and ReShip will take care of the rest. They also allow the shopper to contact them directly should they have a special request. This makes how to buy from Amazon in Canada not only possible, but cheap and easy as well. Once all done, you can continue shopping on or from any other Canadian retailer before shipping from Canada to yourself in the UK. If you have two items or more delivered to your Canadian address, ReShip removes excess packaging from each and combines them into one single parcel. This combined with their discount on shipping fees allows you to save money while shopping!

 What are you waiting for, checkout now!

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