Harvest Freeze Drying Food

Harvest Freeze Drying Food
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Chances are your home has a hair dryer, probably clothes dryer – so what about a freeze dryer? Which likely has you wondering what the heck is freeze drying and why is it good for my family?

Having safe and stable access to healthy, nutritious food is becoming one of the largest priorities for North American families in 2020. While many stock-up on canned goods thinking it’s a good plan for the long term, we want to blow the lid off this old-world way of thinking. Freeze drying is the future.

Using a freeze drying machine is the safest, most economical way to feed yourself and your loved ones for the short and long term. Canned food is a very limited in the amounts of vitamins and nutrients preserved in the food by the time you eat it. Commercially processed, pasteurised (heat treated) and canned food helps sterilize the food, but it comes at a cost of stripping out most of the natural goodness our bodies need. No to mention the leeching chemicals used to line the cans your food sits in.

Freeze dried food preserves over 95% of the nutrients and vitamins. Fall is harvest time – and that means a bountiful array of fruit and vegetables becoming available in the coming weeks, more than any time of year. But you can’t keep fresh food in your fridge for months. But using a freeze dryer is like a time machine for your food. Always ready and waiting for you in the future for when you arrive.

Using a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer will become the new convenience you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. How to freeze dry food is very easy and the benefits are endless. However, you’re probably wondering how long does freeze dried food last? Good question. Using a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer lets you preserve food for many years – decades if stored properly, chemical, and preservative free.

Most people use it for freeze dried bulk foods and meats. However, there could be someone else in your home who could get huge benefits from using a freeze dryer – your pets. Freeze dried dog food is fast become one of the most popular ways people are stocking up and saving on pet costs for months to come.

Freeze dried pet food, like the foods we eat, can be stored safely and conveniently for months – and years. It let’s pet owners buy cheaper, fresher, high quality pet food without the chemicals, stabilizers, dyes, and mysterious “fillers”. We eat real food, animals in the wild eat real food and so should your you furry friends at home. Apart from the amazing ease with using a freeze dryer, it also has important safety benefits for your family.

The last few months have shown people need to make sure they have a stable and safe supply of food. Especially when shortages can strike local stores, stripping the shelves of essentials without warning. Freeze drying takes control back from relying entirely on stores for your survival. Stocking up when food stocks are plentiful requires a smart and efficient way to preserve your meats, fruits, and vegetables. The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer is like putting your essential nourishment into a safety deposit box, ready to open and eat from whenever you need.

You only have to try it once to be convinced that taking control of your food security is an essential need for all families. You’ll understand why freeze drying food is the most satisfying food solution for your security, your savings and your piece of mind!

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