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Whether it is 19th century Victorian London fashion of corsets, bonnets, top hats and bustles or today's Bridgerton frocks, Vintage inspired Cardigans or Tan Trench Coats- fashion in London has always charmed people across the world. Women and men in the USA are no less impressed by Britain Fashion. Let us take you through the 5 most trending pieces of clothing in London today, where you can shop, and how you can use an international package forwarding service to get your favorite dress or cardigan delivered anywhere in the USA.

Five Most viral Fashions in London

Vintage Cardigans - Vintage Cardigans are never out of fashion on London streets and so they are now. They are a great hit this season in the "London Fashion" list. Places you can look for London Fashion:

  1. Harrods - This is the most famous go to place in the Londoners list for all their clothing shopping. Check out the hot selling Tasha Cardigan that is doing rounds in Britain Fashion currently. This could be your best bid to buy something that is in fashion in London.
  2. CSD - Here you can find the best Cardigan you could ever wish for. Don’t forget to explore their store and you’ll be surprised with the prettiest women wears you would come across.

Trench Coats - Tan Trench coats have been a huge buzz amongst the youngsters in the UK this season. If you are in London for a holiday currently, hardly any day would pass by without noticing a girl wearing a tan trench coat.

Stradivarius - Must checkout this site for in-fashion blazers and coats. We bet they have one of the best clothing lines in the UK.

Bershka - Bershka is one of the most famous brands when it comes to women's wear in the UK. This Trench coat has been selling widely in London.

Pinstriped Blazers - Popup pinstripe blazers have been attracting a lot of eyeballs lately in Britain. Since London is a metropolitan city and has a population from various countries, fashion in London varies widely too.

Etsy - This vintage blue pinstripe blazer is a hot selling article this season in Britain. Such formal pinstriped blazers were at the top in London fashion this season.

Ralph Lauren UK - Ralph Lauren is quite a huge brand in London. This Ralph Lauren pinstriped blazer has been liked by many women this year.

Prairie Collars - The oversized collars are back on the streets of London. Nothing ever actually dies in London fashion. The prairie collars have also revived their place again in fashion in London.

Jojabe Boutique - Some of the new stores (both online and offline) that are coming up in London are giving tough competition to old and established brands. Jojabe Boutique’s white Prairie collared shirt has been selling widely across London lately.

H&M UK - When it comes to fashion, H&M never disappoints you. H&M stores have adapted to the regional fashions so well that whatever country it may be H&M stores are always in vogue. Check out this pink Prairie collared poplin dress from H&M if you are thinking of buying a prairie collared dress.

Bridgerton Frocks - Bridgerton dresses have been a huge buzz this season in London. Especially a great eye to details such as puff sleeves, sweetheart necklines, and bowties have been trending lately. If you are thinking of buying bridgerton dresses from the UK, then try these brands online:

  1. JohnLewis - John Lewis is one of those popular brands in the UK where you can find all the clothing lines that are in fashion in London.
  2. Asos - Asos is one of the most popular online stores in the UK. You can find almost anything on this store online.
  3. Coastfashion - Coast fashion is another famous online store in the UK where you can find almost everything you want when it comes to London fashion. They tend to stock up on the latest in-fashion articles and hence it is a good place to stop by when you are exploring London fashion clothes online.

If you want to buy any of these trendy women wear clothing from the UK and ship them to the USA, you will probably need a parcel forwarding service. You can choose Reship, one of the best parcel forwarding services in the UK. With Reship, you can get clothes from your favorite brands delivered to your actual address in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 - Sign up on
Step 2 - Get your virtual address in the UK.
Step 3 - Get your online shopped items delivered to your virtual address in the UK.
Step 4 - Reship notifies you once we receive your order and forward it to your actual address.

So, if you thought you would never be able to shop in the UK while sitting in the USA, you were probably wrong. You don’t have to miss out on the London fashion trends that you love as you can be assured of seamless delivery from the UK to the USA.

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