Reship – Smart Alternative to eBay’s International Shipping Program or GSP

Smart Alternative to eBay’s International Shipping Program or GSP
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eBay is great with the way it puts sellers in connection with buyers and allows them to shop for what they want outside of the world of retail. A lot of people across the world have bought something on eBay or sold something on eBay. However, a whole lot of people have had bad experiences with eBay and problems with the eBay international shipping program. Sometimes it works fine for people, but in other instances it can become a huge headache for eBay shoppers. And it is not just shoppers who dislike it, there are sellers who have decided to quit eBay after having so many issues with it.

If you have had a similar experience or you'd like to avoid one in the first place then signing up and having a Reship virtual mailbox is going to mean you are not required to use the eBay international shipping program if that is the only available way for you to get it shipped out of the country. With Reship you can have it shipped within the country to one of our reshipping centers and then from there WE are able to do what eBay can't sometimes – ship your purchases to other countries reliably. We can also get the best rates on international reshipping and freight forwarding for eBay sellers too.

That's the big and small of it. Reship is an alternative to eBay international shipping program and more and more people are looking into package reshipping these days and – not surprisingly – they usually end up at Reship. We stand for no shipping restrictions, and we're exactly what's needed for people who want to continue to shop on eBay but don't want any problems with eBay and their international shipping program.

Digging Deeper

eBay's Global Shipping Program is the same, but most people find that the eBay's international shipping program is too expensive, especially as high rates can apply to goods that aren't very large and shouldn't cost too much to ship. Plus, if you've used the program and tracked your eBay packages, you'll know that all of them go to Kentucky first. Lots of things to do and places to see in Kentucky, but you don't want your package spending any more time there than necessary. That can happen, but with Reship for easier international shipping your package will go to one of our 3 Reship international reshipping warehouses depending on the country.

We make it a point to process orders as quickly as possible so you'll get your package faster and likely pay less for shipping than you would with the eBay international shipping program. And if you want to see those lower cost for international shipping advantages for yourself then you can use our Reship shipping calculator. This will give you a good idea of approximately how much you'll pay, and again keep in mind that Reship is an alternative to eBay international shipping.

Here's another consideration too. Another common complaint from people who have used eBay international shipping program is failed delivery attempts when the purchaser is nearly certain no valid attempt was made to deliver the package. This is exactly the incident I had. Instead, the package went directly to the authorized delivery partner's store location, and I was not made aware of it until the package – which was only about 10” long and weighed hardly anything at all - had been sent back to New York because of a ‘failed delivery attempt'.

With Reship, customers get a photo sent to them through the Reship app that shows the product having been delivered. They receive a picture of both the box and the item, and this is just one of so many ways that we provide more for customers to assure them that the exact product they ordered is on its way or that it has been delivered.

Reship Gets It Right

Make use of a virtual mailing address and your Reship mailbox and you won’t have to have these worries. We are best for B2C international shipping and we’re also equally recommended for B2B international reshipping too and businesses already using a Reship virtual mailbox all get the benefits of discounted shipping rates because of the favorable agreements we have with major courier companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

You may want to know about shipping from home on eBay too, and that’s what we’ll wrap up this blog by talking about. If you have a home-based business and you sell products on eBay, then you will be much better set up with a Reship virtual mailbox because it means you can enjoy simpler international shipping by using Reship as your international reshipper. You can take advantage of our storage options too, and we figure once you’re a Reship member then the eBay international shipping program or any other equivalents will never be on your radar ever again.

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