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The rise in popularity for online shopping has been entirely meteoric over the last decade +, and the appeal of being able to look over the amazing selection of products and then choose, pay, and wait for delivery to your home doesn’t need explaining. Even people who are keen to explain how they aren’t ‘computer savvy’ have figured out how simple it is to make purchases online, and most of them have now been convinced of the safety of it too. It’s true that you need to be careful with sharing payment information online, but the cheapest international shipping is already there for you.

So, if you're inclined to buy what you need (or want) online then you should go right ahead and do it. And if getting those purchases sent to your home with international shipping is a problem then Reship is 100% the solution that's right for you. This is true wherever your home is located within the world. If you've found the perfect price on what you're looking for from an online retailer in the USA, you shouldn't give up just because the retailer says they're not able to ship outside the USA.

Those items on wish lists whose products are outside of North America may include any of the top-10 most shipped items in the world, although we can safely assume that the individual consumer anywhere is not going to be ordering bananas from equatorial regions and having them shipped to their home. Numbers 2, 4, and 5 on that list are furniture, car parts, and electronics that are items that you can buy online and enjoy the cheapest international shipping with Reship.

Access & Affordability

Let's keep in mind as well that not all international shipping companies are the same. If you're new to this and wondering how much does it cost to ship internationally? The answer is that it can be expensive. Most of them will not be using the virtual mailbox system for international shipping that we do here, and some of them may not have the same favorable agreements with major freight carriers. That means lower prices on shipping, and what's most to love about Reship is how having a virtual shipping address means they're not encumbered by shipping restrictions nearly as much.

Another part of what makes our services the better choice is the way you can consolidate multiple packages into a single one to save on costs. This can be very beneficial for anyone who needs the cheapest international shipping because of the number of packages they need to move. And you can also figure out an accurate estimate of what you would pay using our shipping calculator.

Currently we have virtual post office boxes in Canada, the USA, and the UK and as you'd expect a large portion of our international shipping volumes is receiving packages at our Portland, Oregon warehouse and then redirecting them to similar ones here in Canada or across the pond in the United Kingdom. So, if you're in either country and you've found exactly what you need from an American online retailer but they don't ship outside of the US – not to worry.

Reship can take that impossibility and make it a possibility. The COVID-19 pandemic's impact on online retail has pushed this need to the forefront, and it's quite timely that we're here and ready to accommodate you with the cheapest international shipping.

Concierge Service Too

Let’s take people from the UK shopping online with US retailers. They may have a Visa or Mastercard, but it is also possible that they have a credit card that is not one issued from a financial institution with its roots in North America. If that’s you and you find that you cannot make the purchase you want to then you shouldn’t just give up on getting what you want.

You may still be able to buy what you want by making an assisted purchase request from Reship's Concierge Service. We will provide you a quote on your purchase, and if you agree to it then once we have it at your virtual mailbox we can incorporate your quote into our shipping cost and you'll be all set to pay and receive your item(s). The only criteria for this is the purchase has a value that is over $500 to qualify.

It's as clear as day that the cheapest international shipping is right here at Reship, and you won't find a more capable one among al the international shipping companies even if you tried.

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