Buying from Amazon USA in UK

Buying from Amazon USA in UK
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People in the UK turn to the American version of Amazon when it comes to shopping to access a wider selection of goods offered locally. This guide will provide you with the reasons why some turn to and how you can go about getting that shipment to the UK with no effort.

What is Amazon?

Considered amongst one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook; Amazon is an e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence website which has changed the way people shop forever. Amazon is an enormous organization, widespread around the world with over with over 197 million visitors per month from every corner of the globe.

Why are People Buying from Amazon USA in UK?

Items which are not currently offered locally, may be available on Amazon in a different country. Another reason why people are buying from Amazon USA in UK is by default: whilst browsing the internet they come across the perfect item before realizing that this item is offered on the USA version, and not the UK. By the time that the item is picked and your mind is made up, it is difficult to try to find that same product on your respective website, with your first option being to simply forget what you had found or your second option is find a way to send that item to yourself in the UK.

Buying from Amazon USA in UK

Buying from Amazon USA in UK also provides security. Many choose to stick to local websites that are often more expensive, instead of foreign companies due to fear of it being unreliable or a scam. No matter which Amazon you shop from, you are guaranteed the same service. The security provided allows you to relax and shop in peace.

Whether shopping for books, toys, clothes, jewelry, kitchenware, provides a world of possibilities. These items may be found from the USA at a lower rate, and with a wider selection to choose from. Once you find what you are looking for, it can be delivered to you in the UK using ReShip’s virtual mailbox feature.

What is the process like?

You will need to sign up for a ReShip account where you will be provided with 3 physical addresses: one in the UK, one in Canada and one in the USA. Once you are done buying from Amazon USA in UK, you simply enter your virtual USA address in the shipping box instead of your physical home address. 

Your USA address will look like this:

13820 NE Airport Way
Suite K###### (followed by numbers: 000000) 
Portland, OR 97251-1158

When your order from Amazon USA arrives at your USA address, we will notify you. You will then have the option of selecting shipment to you from a list of our trusted parcel shipping companies at a discounted rate or wait. If you choose to wait, you will be given 60 days of free storage, allowing you to continue to shop and not be rushed. Once you are ready to ship, you can choose to consolidate your shopping for a small fee. This means that all your multiple parcels will be condensed into one package, saving you on hundreds of pounds on international shipping fee which makes buying from Amazon USA in UK so easy.

Payment on Amazon USA

Amazon accepts a variety of payment methods including local bank cards. However, your payment may be denied due to the billing address being from outside of the USA. ReShip has a solution for that! You can put your ReShip address as a secondary address on your card as this issue arrives from USA version of the site requiring a domestic billing address to be associated with the credit card.

You can also utilize the Assisted Purchasing Program which allows you to simply provide a link of the item that you would like purchased and ReShip will make all the arrangements for you. After you submit an Assisted Purchase Request, a staff from ReShip will review your order and provide you with a quote. Once you approve, they will place the order. This means that you are guaranteed accountability at every step of the way.

Shipment Cost and Time

It is worth noting that there is a difference in shipping time and cost when buying from Amazon USA in UK. It will depend on which shipping courier you select yourself based on the given rates. The control of choosing yourself allows you to not be restricted to parcel company you dislike; this feature is not offered when you ship directly from Amazon to yourself. With this choice, you may choose express shipping and receive your package in a few days or patiently wait on the slow boat to receive your package but pay slightly less.

Make sure to also visit ReShip’s Royal Mail Prohibited/Restricted Goods and UPS UK Prohibited and Restriction Items to find out more about what you can and cannot ship to the UK.

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