Blaine Shipping to Canada? How Reship Can Help

Blaine Shipping to Canada? How Reship Can Help
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Everyone will know where Seattle is located and that the Emerald City is the 'jewel' of the Pacific Northwest. Smaller towns in Washington State won’t be as well known, and Blaine WA is one of them. A lot of locales in the State will have different things going for them. What Blaine has going for it is this - there is no other place in America that’s easier to get to if you’re in the Lower Mainland of BC and around Vancouver where Reship is located. That’s because Blaine is the first stop after crossing the border at the Peace Arch Crossing between BC and WA, and this is why Blaine shipping is so popular.

There are plenty of reason why Canadians will order products online outside of Canada, from selection to better prices and other considerations too. For decades now people have been using freight forwarding and shipping outlets to have their purchases just across the border for quick and easy pick up. Folks in Vancouver will use ones in Blaine and then make the short trip down to pick up their purchases before jumping back over the border.

What's the advantage of doing this? Why not just have the purchases delivered to their homes in Canada? We'll cover that here and then explain why B2B and B2C shipping through Reship takes an existing advantage and makes it even better.

Avoiding Duty

Everyone knows they need to be responsible for the duties at work. When it comes to the different kind of duty that involves paying additional amounts for consumer goods brought into the country, that’s something that they’re not so agreeable to. Customs and duties can add up to quite a bit on goods of higher value, and so if you choose Blaine shipping instead and bring the packages across the border yourself then you may be able to avoid the additional costs. You may still have to pay some, but Blaine shipping to Canada has some advantages.

An online import duty and taxes calculator is a good tool to be aware of and you can use it to figure out roughly how much you will need to pay if you don't cross the border and use international shipping to bring package(s) straight to your door. Sometimes there's more savings to be had, sometimes there isn't. It really depends on what you've ordered and what the value of it is.

But what about shipping from Blaine to Canada? This is where the advantages of Reship really come into play. Reship removes destination restrictions, and so if you are thinking about Blaine shipping to one of the logistics warehouses there it may be a better idea to use Reship and get it right to your home without any hassles or additional charges. Canada customs delays can occur too, which is another plus for Reship since we have the ability to get your purchases to you fast without delays.

Better than Blaine Shipping

Canadians who regularly shop online with American retailers will be familiar with shipping their purchases to near-border towns in the US and then taking their passport to go and pick them up. That may be in Blaine WA for Vancouver residents or somewhere near Detroit for Ontario folks crossing over from Windsor. There’s all sorts of spots all along the long border between the two countries that you can do this.

Let's expand our horizons here, shall we? Sometimes the products you want or the ones you need to ship are beyond the USA. That's where Reship really makes sense for discounted imports of products into Canada or paying less to ship internationally. Choose us and you're instantly able to:

  • Shop anywhere in Canada, the US, or the UK
  • Ship to your Reship mailbox and pay very little for this international shipping
  • Customize your mailbox so that you have shipping to your actual address
  • Ship you your physical address

To be honest it's a little surprising that no one beat us to the punch with offering this way to order products internationally and get better shipping rates. But that doesn't really matter - Reship is here for customers now and you can use our shipping calculator to get an idea of what it will cost you to get what you need where you want it to be.

We bet you're going to like what you see and Reship will be your go-to source going forward.

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