Best Women's Online Shopping Canada

Best Women's Online Shopping Canada
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The best of women’s online shopping Canada is a list for women in the UK seeking a wider range of options when shopping online. This will provide a guide to why they should consider buying abroad, how they can do so while saving money, and options of Canadian sites to check out.

Who shops from Canada?

New York, London, Milan and Paris are fashion capitals of the world and are where people turn to get their online shopping done. Most would not think to shop from Canada, but they should! Canada is the most underrated online shopping destination. Toronto even hosts a bi-annual Fashion Week debuted in 1985, which celebrates Canadian fashion. There are several high-end fashion brands in the UK, but many local women are turning towards Canadian retailers to revamp their wardrobe and find items not found on the streets of London. Even Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who lived in Toronto prior to becoming a royal continues to support and wear Canadian brands. Whether it’s all due to Meghan Markle’s effects or Canadian designers getting the recognition they deserve on the runways of London fashion shows, more UK woman are searching for women’s online shopping Canada options. Canadian retailers also provide amazing outerwear and sporting items which are hard to find in the UK. The exchange rate for pounds to Canadian dollars are significantly in favor of the pound, making shopping from Canada even more attractive for people in the UK.

Women’s online shopping Canada from the UK?

With international shipping rate being so expensive or even not offered, many people in the UK do not think that they can shop from Canadian retailers. Paying full international shipping rates from a single retailer takes commitment as the shopper must be sure that this is what they want or must try to find more than one item to make the steep fees worth it. If you happen to like items from different retailers, then you must pay for international shipping from Canada to the UK for each retailer. The cost quickly adds up which leads to favorite items being abandoned in shopping cart.

Cheap Canada to UK Shopping Solution

Shipping cost is a major reason why more people in the UK do not shop from Canada. Another restriction is when Canadian websites do not offer international shipping or do not allow UK credit or debit cards as valid form of payment. Physical location no longer needs to be a restriction! Using ReShip, people in the UK can shop on different women’s online shopping Canada websites and ship their items to a Canadian address. If the website requires a local form of payment, ReShip offers Assisted Purchase which is where the shoppers tells ReShip what they wish to purchase and they’ll handle the rest. Once all the items have arrived, they can select to consolidate all their shopping into one single package and ship directly to the UK. This means shoppers are only paying for one international shipping fee from Canada to the UK. To find out more, visit ReShip!

Best Women’s Online Shopping Canada Websites to Visit:

With access to ReShip, physical location is no longer a restriction. We’ve combined the best women’s online shopping Canada websites to help you get started on your shopping journey.


A list of Canadian fashion would not be complete without mention of Vancouver’s very own Aritzia. Their range of trendy jackets, coats, and accessories are ideal for those who women who want to maintain their 'individual style’ while achieving a polished, clean look. If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Sussex, it’s worth checking out!


Founded in the mountains of British Columbia, Arc'teryx is a Canadian brand with a reputation for their outerwear. They offer ground breaking innovations in climbing, skiing and alpine technologies with a sophisticated design. Whether you're looking for a casual light coat or a full winter jacket, Arc'teryx is your go to online site to keep you warm.


Roots is amongst one of the most famous casual and comfy apparel brands out there. A one-stop retailer when shopping for hoodies, sweatpants, leather jackets, outerwear, bags, and even dresses. This premium Canadian brand embodies a comfortable cabin-meets-city style, bringing chic to quality and comfort. Make sure to take a look at their genuine handcrafted leather goods when searching for women’s online shopping Canada options.

Canada Goose

As the name suggests, Canada Goose a truly Canadian staple. Their range of basics and beautiful winter dresses will surely keep you warm in fierce winter day at home or while on a ski holiday. Their limited-edition collaboration with the October’s Very Own line, by Canadian born artist Drake, has officially launched!


Herschel is well-established! Based in Vancouver, Canada it is known for its iconic backpacks, but what is often overlooked is their wide range of apparel. Their rainwear parkas are a great buy for remaining dry, yet cute in the rainy UK weather. Herschel offers timeless appeal with a sleek and trendy spin making it an important website to check out while looking at women’s online shopping Canada options.


Lululemon has a cult following in Canada, which is soon spreading around the world. Specializing in athletic apparel, Lululemon is a must-go-to for yoga lovers and comfort seekers everywhere. They offer unique, chic pieces that are both comfortable and affordable to suit any healthy lifestyle goals. Their most popular item is their classic leggings, but their swimsuits, sports bras, skirts, bags and more are also extremely sought after as they make sports wear comfortable and fashionable.

Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay is Canada’s favorite department store. Their retail business has a wonderful selection of clothing, intimates, jewelry, watches, shoes, handbags and accessories at great prices. A must mention on the list of women’s online shopping Canada options as you are sure to find something you like from Hudson’s Bay immense options. Make sure to look out for have “baydays” promotions where select items are heavily discounted.

Fluevog Shoes

Lesser known around the world, but definitely sought after locally, Fluevog Shoes are nothing shy of unique! Founded in Vancouver in 1970, these shoes still deliver art deco style looks straight out of the 70’s. Beyonce even wore this Canadian brand in her formation music video! This brand a hidden gem when shopping for something different from women’s online shopping Canada sites.

Now that you have your guide, all you need to do is sign up for a ReShip account and start shopping from Canada!

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