Best Online Shopping UK from Australia

Best Online Shopping UK from Australia
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This article will provide you a list of the best online shopping UK websites to visit when trying to shop for items for your home or family from Australia.

The UK has a wide range of products from a multitude of retailers to choose from. This comes as no surprise as it has one of the largest e-commerce markets around the world.  According to Statisca, over 60% of people in the UK shop online. From trendy clothes to cool home décor; the UK has got it all! If you are not familiar with online shopping UK websites but are wanting to explore them, we’ve compiled a list of the best websites to visit as guide for when shopping for your household in Australia.

5. eBay

eBay being such a popular website has allowed them to expand and have different versions for each major country.  In other words, the eBay website in Australia is different from online shopping UK’s eBay. However, since the whole premise of eBay’s e-commerce is to allow people and businesses to sell directly to consumer through its online auction platform, many items in the UK will never be available in Australia.

Shipping: Unpredictable as it comes from different people or vendors and they can choose whomever they want. Free postage available on some items.

Featured Item: A Knight Soldier Fire Cast Iron Tool priced at £24.95 will sure bring your room together.


ASDA is the ultimate stop for people looking to shop for the entire household from online shopping UK websites. Whether looking for clothes or lenses or even baby items, ASDA thrives on providing you with a solution to your needs. What is interesting is that Asda continues to use the same formula laid out by Walmart, and in the UK version Asda while continuing to grow and keep up with time.

Shipping: Delivery from £2.95 with no delivery outside the UK

Featured Item: It is amazing that the UK Asda would have Harry Potter themed items. The featured item is there for the Foil Hogwarts Quidditch Rucksack priced at £12.

3. Currys PC World

Currys PC World sells household and telecommunications appliances online with their primary focus being on computers and gaming. Not your typical home décor place to attend, but they make up for it with their cool electronics.

Shipping: Free delivery on all orders

Featured Item: An electronic item which can be used for both fun décor and with a useful purpose is the Belt Drive Turntable. This item is listed as roughly ~ £100 and will be a piece to hold on to for a long time.

2. Wiko

The unique products offered on Wilko’s give you the most value for your money as they are affordable yet trendy and durable. Wilko is another great website to check out while online shopping UK for the household, especially if you are looking for kitchen or dining products.

Shipping: Standard home delivery is priced at £5

Featured Item: The Copper line of kitchenware is an amazing look to go for when changing up your kitchen décor. This Copper Effect Tea and Coffee Canisters priced only at £12 is the perfect item to spice up your kitchen without having to change everything around.

1. Argos

Argos is no doubt one of the biggest websites when it comes to online shopping UK. You can get anything from electronics, home and garden products, clothing, toys and sports equipment, and more. They offer quality products at an affordable rate.

Shipping: Buy online before 6pm and it will be delivered within the UK by 10pm for only £3.95.

Featured Item: The Flamingo Table Lamp at only £45.00 brings an exquisite hint of the exotic to any style of decoration. Make sure to check out the “About the look” section for home décor ideas and statement pieces like this chrome Flamingo to elevate a plain room.

What if these Online shopping UK sites don’t ship to Australia?

When visiting these websites, it may occur that some of these online shopping UK sites do not ship directly to Australia. ReShip is a fast-forwarding business offering physical addresses around the world to accommodate cross-border commerce.

How does ReShip work?

You simply create a profile on ReShip and continue online shopping UK.  Once you are ready to place your order, simply enter your ReShip UK address for the delivery. Once your items are delivered to your address in the UK, they will be held in your specific storage until you are ready to ship them to yourself. This means that you can keep your items at this location for 60 free days before choosing to either pay a small fee to continue storing them there or to ship them to you. The reason why you might want to store your items instead of having them shipped to you as soon as possible is because you may want to make sure that you are all done Online Shopping UK before selecting to ship. Once ready, you can consolidate your parcels and turn them into one box for shipment and select your courier for shipping to you.

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