Best Smart Watches of 2013

Best Smart Watches of 2013
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By Steve Woodfield

With the holidays just around the corner, consider using your account to give a cutting edge gift to your friends and family. Smartwatches are the wave of the future and we’ve compiled a list of great contenders for the title of #1.

Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch is definitely a crowd favorite. It set a new record for crowd source funding on Kickstarter while still in the concept phase and its popularity has not since waned. The Pebble’s creators had the vision, had the experience, and most importantly, effectively marketed the hell out of this device even before the first unit shipped. In fact, we would dare to say that the Pebble single-handedly ignited the smartwatch market frenzy that is just beginning to really surge.

We feel that, although the Pebble Smartwatch is your best choice right now, it is still an incomplete product. We base this statement largely upon the complete lack of useful software. And, while we are sure that such software will be forthcoming, it is not available yet. However, the strength of this watch lies in its technical specs, in its ability to be upgraded through firmware and completed through software, and in the fact that its sheer popularity ensures that useful and productive apps will be available shortly.

Martian Smartwatch

The Martian Smartwatch is the most elegant of the currently available smartwatches. Whereas the Pebble is designed as a stand alone smart device that functions in tandem with the user’s smartphone, the Martian is designed to be used simply as an extension of the smartphone. Nonetheless, the Martian Smartwatch offers hands-free voice commands, messages and alerts display, and smartphone camera control. These features, combined with sophisticated styling, makes the Martian Smartwatch a top choice for someone not looking to carry a full-fledged computer around on their wrist.

i’m Watch Smartwatch

The i’m Watch is by far the best modern looking smartwatch available today … not surprising considering it is Italian made. It has great looks, great specs, and just feels solid. The problem with this smartwatch, like most of the contenders, is that the firmware and software just feel unfinished and incomplete. However, this shortcoming can be easily remedied should the much need updates be released. If i’m Watch can get the firmware and software right, we could see this beautiful piece of gear easily rising to the number one spot on our top 5 list … it is just that pretty.

Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

The most recent addition to our Top 5 smartwatch list is the Sony Smartwatch 2, a just released upgrade from Sony’s first crack at the emerging smartwatch market. Although, before it was released, we felt that it was simply a rehash of the original Sony Smartwatch 1, now that it has arrived it has turned out to be much more. Not evolutionary, but a true contender given the current state of smartwatch technology. If this watch was not limited solely to Android phones, and included iOS and the iPhone into its fold, it would be ranked higher on our list of best smartwatches. Be sure to read our upcoming in-depth review of the Sony Smartwatch 2.

ConnectDevice Cookoo Smartwatch

Rounding out our favorite smartwatches list is the Cookoo Watch. It is simple, unpretentious, and has few features. However, it is well designed, well constructed, and intended, like the Martian Passport, to function as an extension of the wearer’s smartphone, not a replacement of it. And, like our other picks, its software is incomplete with the feel of a beta. Nonetheless, once this issue is resolved, this sporty casual entry will definitely have a place in the emerging smartwatch market, thus warranting inclusion onto the list of our top 5 favorite smartwatches.

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