8 BBQ Essentials For This Summer

8 BBQ Essentials For This Summer
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As summer is soon approaching, with warmer weather and longer days, it is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family. And what better way to get together and spend some time than with good food, drinks and company?

However, when you pull out your old BBQ you realize that it is time for an upgrade so you can host the best BBQ party this summer. But where do you start and what do you need with regards to having and using a BBQ?

We put together a list of BBQ essentials that you will need this summer to help answer this question.

1. Charcoal Grill Price: $99.00

If you are looking for that smoky taste with your food when you are using the barbeque; then the charcoal grill is going to be perfect for you. The Weber One-Touch Kettle Grill comes with a lot of grilling space so you can BBQ anything that you want. This Charcoal grill is great when it comes to grilling simple burgers or even something a little bit more complex. In addition, it is easy to clean afterwards as it has rust-resistant vents. Moreover, it comes with a one-touch cleaning system for easy ash removal and cleaning to make the cleaning process hassle free. It also comes with nylon handles to make sure your hands will be free of burns.

2. Gas Grill Price: $699.00

If you want to stick with a more traditional BBQ than the Weber Genesis Gas Grill is perfect. This amazing grill comes in three colors that include black, copper and green to suit your preference. It comes with many functions to make sure that your BBQ meals come out perfect each time. It has control knobs, cast-iron cooking grates and porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars which helps to spread heat evenly and keep your food warm. There is also six tool hooks to hang any of your grilling utensils. There is also a lot of space to grill your vegetables and meat. In addition, it comes with a five-year warranty in case something goes wrong with the BBQ.

3. BBQ Tongs Price: $9.95

When grilling in the backyard for your perfect BBQ meal it is easy to get burned with the heat and flames from the BBQ. So when you are trying to grab that bacon it is important to have long tongs to avoid injury. The Luxury Oak Barbecue Tongs is perfect for this job. You will never have to worry about burning your fingers because how long the tongs are. There are oak handles so you do not need to worry about the tongs heating up and burning your hand and also has a great grip. Also, because the tongs are stainless steel it makes it easy to clean them afterwards.

4. Heat Resistance Gloves Price: $19.95

When grilling on a hot BBQ it is important to take safety precaution to avoid serious burns. With the AYL Silicone Glove, it will give the protection that you need. As it can protect your hands up to temperatures that can reach 425 degrees Fahrenheit.  It comes in a stylish hot red color and you do not need to worry about the size because it is one size fits all. It is also has a great grip because of the silicone material that the glove are made from. So you have the ability to move hot items with the grip you need. In addition, the gloves are waterproof just in case you are holding hot water it will also protect you from the heat. You do not just need to use the gloves when grilling you can also use it indoors when you are baking or using the oven.

5. Apron Price: $24.04

With the Weber Style Barbecue Apron, you can stay cool while protecting your clothing from splatters and spills. They come in a verity of designs and colors that you can choose from to fit your own personal preference. And has pockets for your convince or when needed. It also is made out of good material including cotton and suede to add a special touch. Attached to the apron is a bottle opener so you can easily open a beer while grilling. It is as well easy to clean as you can just put it in your washer. In addition, it also makes a great gift when needed.

6. Spatula Price: $15.99

When it comes with turning over a fish or a steak it can be really annoying when it falls to the ground or through the cracks of the grill. However, with the GrillPro spatula it will make sure that never happens to you again. With its extra wide head it makes it easy for you to flip fish or a larger piece of meat. It also comes with a soft grip which makes it easy to hold and use the spatula. In addition it is stainless steel which than makes it easy to clean after you have done grilling.

7. Basting Brush Price: $9.73

To get flavor when grilling meat or even vegetables, it is always a good idea to baste the food with a favorable sauce. Therefore, with the Elizabeth Karmel Super Silicone Angled Brush is perfect for this job. The brush is extra long and is angled which makes it easy to apply the sauce to the meat or vegetables without burning yourself. The brush is also made out of a heat-resistance silicone so it will not melt from the hot grill and heat. The brush, in addition, holds a lot of sauce to make sure that you are getting the intense flavor with your food. It is also easy to clean as the brush is removable and is dishwasher safe.

8. Grill Mats Price: $17.95

Grill mats are a great accessory to have to be a part of your grilling tools. It allows you to grill without you worrying about your food getting stuck onto your barbeque. The Grillaholics Grill Mat is perfect for this job. It will allow you to grill your food the way you want so it comes out tender, juicy and full of flavor. This grill mat can be used on almost any grill; which includes electric, gas, charcoal, propane, Weber, smoker and the big green egg. The grill mat also allows you to cook without making a mess. As it keeps your food from falling between the cracks and sticking to the grill. In addition, it is green friendly as it is reusable and dishwasher safe.

9. S’more Maker Price: $15.95

Making S’mores around the campfire is a great bonding activity to do with friends and family and, in addition, is tastes great. However, S’mores no longer only has to be a treat around the camp fire; as you can make this amazing desert on your barbeque. With the S’more maker, you can make the perfect S’more within minutes. This tool easily makes 6 S’mores and can be made in your BBQ and even the oven. It is also easy to clean with just a little soap.

10. Skewers Price: $17.54

Skewers are a great accessory to have when it comes to grilling an amazing dinner. You can have the variety of mixing fruit, vegetables and meat to make a unique meal. Or even making favorable kabobs to enjoy as an appetizer and the Outset Stainless Steel Skewers allow you to do just that. It comes in a set of 4 made out of stainless steel and a solid rosewood grip. This will allow you to avoid burns. It is extra long and sturdy to handle a lot of meat and the ability to put as much food as you want on it. It is also easy to clean since all you need is a little bit of soap and warm water.

11. Meat Thermometer Price: $14.56

The worst thing when grilling is when your meat comes out under or over cooked. However, with the meat thermometer it will help prevent this digester. The Grille Perfect Meat Thermometer and Cooking Fork is perfect for this task. With this meat thermometer, you can pre-program your meat to make sure it comes out tender. As grilling a steak, is different from grilling a pork chop. It is also safe to use as it is extra long so you can avoid burns.

12. Cleaning Brush Price: $15.04

After grilling all day, it comes to the point where it is time to clean up the barbeque. This can be a dreadful chore but with the Grill Brush it does not have to be. It has a rigid head design which provides the power you need to clean up the barbeque. But it is soft enough not to scratch or damage the grates. It is made up of cast iron, ceramic, stainless steel and safe wire. This brush is wide enough to reach all corners and edges so there is nothing left behind. This brush also comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee to make sure that customers remain happy with the product.

13. Grill Cleaning Spray Price: $8.99

Sometimes you may need a little extra help with cleaning up the barbeque. The Citrusafe BBQ Grill Cleaner can help you with that. It helps remove grease, dirt and food from the grill easily and safely.  Since it is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free. It also contains a citrus based degreaser to help make sure you BBQ looks clean and new. In addition, you can also use it on cookers, smokers, ovens and microwaves.

14. Barbecue Cover Price: $26.49 – $56.00

When you spend so much money on a barbecue it is important to maintain it and make sure that it is kept in good condition. Therefore, it is important to have a barbecue cover. The Grill Cover is perfect as it has a protective cover and comes in many sizes. It has a fabric top so it can get through cold weather and is water repellent and resistant. It also has a splash guard skirt that you can secure to avoid water contacting the bottom of the barbecue. In addition, it comes with a three- year limited warranty.

15. BBQ Pizza Stone Price: $34.99

Barbecues are not only for grilling vegetables and meat, but it also makes it a perfect cooking device to make a pizza. With the Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone, it will make sure you have the perfect pizza each time. It will add a smoky flavor to the pizza to change up your taste and the cordierite stone absorbs moisture and will not allow the stone to crack. The stone will make sure that the pizza comes out light and crispy each time.

16. Vegetable Basket Price: $14.99

A vegetable basket is great to have as it allows the vegetables not to get over done and burned. The best product for this job is the Weber Small Stainless Steel Vegetable Basket. It is perfect to keep your vegetables and/or side dishes warm while grilling other food. In addition, since it is made out of stainless steel it makes it easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly.

17. Chicken Leg Roaster Price: $19.97

A chicken leg roaster and especially the Brinkmann make is great for cooking chicken legs. As it helps you avoid burning or overcooking the chicken and make sure that each chicken leg is cooked throughout evenly. It holds up to 12 chicken legs and can even hold chicken wings and a leg of rack. It helps ensure that you avoid flare-ups and has stainless still drip pan so it isn’t too messy. In addition, since it is stainless steel it is easy to clean and maintain.

18. BBQ Starter Kit Price: $21.48

If you are new to grilling or just bought your first barbeque than the Mr. Bar-B-Q set is perfect for you. It comes with all the essentials that you need for using a barbeque for the first time. It comes with 18 grilling tools and a storage case to store it all in. This includes a barbecue fork, tongs, spatula, scraper and a bottle opener. In addition, it comes with a basting brush, grill brush, an all-purpose knife, corn holder and skewers. Since all the tools are stainless steel it is also easy to clean.

BBQ Essentials BBQ Essentials For Summer
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